5 College Majors To Apply Your Passion For Arts  



It can be extremely difficult to decide what you want to major in, you have to refine all your passions and hopes for the future into one subject making the thought of finalising your decision an impossible feat. This is especially so if you are passionate about the arts and don’t know how to fuse it into your major. However, there are many college majors in which you do not have to compromise your passion, applying it to whatever you choose to do.


There are many design majors to take your pick from including Product Design and Architectural Design. If you really enjoy maths and science, but want to add your love for design in there, why not look at an engineering major? This way you can inject your passion by combining it with other subject skill sets.


Art Practice and Art History are both popular majors, and a great way to apply your passion for art. This can lead to many different careers. You don’t have to be an artist to major in art, you can use your passion to do many other things including working in PR & Marketing for an art gallery for example. Therefore to flip it around, if you wanted to major in Business Management etc., you could use your passion for art as inspiration in your projects, using galleries and artists as examples or case studies in your work.


If you fancy yourself to be a novelist or have a passion for writing poetry then a major in Creative Writing or English Literature may be perfect for you. You can draw inspiration from Shakespeare and other outstanding authors or poets, allowing your natural passion for the subject to flow into every corner of your work.

Performing Arts

Performing arts can be applied to many majors, if you have a true passion for the theatre, then a Classics course, where you delve deep into literature, philosophy and art of ancient Rome and Greece, could be a catalyst for your passion to flourish. Equally you could choose a Creative Writing major, expressing your words on paper and sharing with fellow students.


If you are interested in fashion, there are a number of ways you can apply it to a major. If you take up an arts major, you can use it to influence fashion design, and incorporate that into your final projects. It brings not only a unique perspective to your major, but continues the flow of creativity and gives you a range of new skills you never had before. Alternatively, you could look at journalism courses, or English writing to learn more about, and develop skills for, fashion editorial. With fashion blogs taking over the internet, you can apply your passion to learn how to write at a standard that will have people racing home, to see your latest post.

Do not look forward into the future too much and try to pre-plan every move you may make, just make sure that the major you take is something you enjoy doing. Student life has many pressures from all angles on what you should do, and what you should be in the future, however picking a major does not just create one door for you to go through. By applying what you love to your major, you are opening up a world of opportunities. Being happy and passionate in your studies will actually make you more successful in the long run in whatever you choose to be when the time comes.

Bio: Amira Smith is a photographer and recent college graduate, who still cherishes her life in the college. She writes short novels and devotes her time to helping animal shelter in her hometown.

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