5 Countries You Could Consider Moving To After Graduation


For the large majority, graduating from college also means moving back home.

This can sometimes feel like a backward step in your development, especially if you’ve spent the last three years living independently.

One way to get around the issue is to think about moving abroad after you graduate. With travel becoming cheaper and working visas on offer in a variety of interesting countries, it’s never been easier to spread your wings.

The experience will help add a major selling point to your resume and will allow you to fulfill any desires you might have to travel at the same time.

To celebrate this, I’ve come up with a list of five countries you should consider moving to after you graduate, below:

  1. Australia

For graduates majoring in agriculture, tourism, or administration, there are few better countries to work in than Australia. The Land Down Under is currently undergoing an extended period of major job growth, making its 12-month working visa for US residents an attractive prospect. Thanks to its stunning coastline and year-round warm weather, you’ll never be short of outdoor activities to enjoy outside of work.


  1. Ireland 

The rolling emerald hills of Ireland are the place to head for graduates looking for employment in the hospitality or retail sectors. In fact, the services industry makes up around 75 percent of Ireland’s employment, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The country’s economy was the fastest growing in the whole of the European Union over the last 12 months, making their 12-month working visa for US residents one of the most attractive prospects on our list.

  1. France

Calling all marketing masters, language experts, aspiring attorneys, academics, and fashionistas, France is very much open for business. Following the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, the French Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron, actively encouraged scientists and academics from the States to move to the country. The European powerhouse has a steady economy and a culture that is unrivaled anywhere else on the planet. Be warned: your chances of success in the country depend almost entirely on whether you can speak the language of love fluently. The country’s strict visa requirements also mean that you’ll need to have a job lined up before you travel to the country.


  1. The United Kingdom

Despite worries over the long-term effects of Brexit, the UK economy has continued to go from strength to strength. Innovation looks set to be at the forefront of government planning over the coming years, with increased funding and job opportunities in the sciences, engineering, and creative sectors. The UK government is investing nearly £2bn per annum into businesses through the HMRC R&D tax credits scheme.  The tax relief scheme is boosting innovation, productivity and employment and will possibly become more generous post Brexit.

Much in the same way as France, the UK requires all working visitors from the United States to have arranged employment before travel.

  1. South Korea

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is a thriving metropolitan area, with numerous jobs in business and education available to US graduates. The country offers two different working visas: a business visa and a work visa. The former requires an offer of employment before you travel to the country. Naturally, South Korea’s main language is Korean, but many residents under the age of 40 also speak English to a high standard. When you’re not at work, you can take the time to enjoy the beautiful mountainous peninsula on which the country sits on.

Kate Larson is a college student and aspiring blogger, who has a strong interest in the environment and personal well-being. She enjoys travelling and reading, as well as writing novels.





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