5 Most Useful Educational Websites for Journalism Students


5 Most Useful Educational Websites for Journalism Students

As is the nature of journalism, precision is given the most primacy during content creation. For a journalism student, the consequences of presenting inaccurate information surpass poor grades and affect both one’s reputation and the final score.

In the ever-changing world, there are numerous resources, both dubious and genuine, for each topic. With the limited amount of free time that school offers, students don’t have the pleasure to venture the darkest corners of the internet in pursuit of finding adequate information for their projects.

Thus, to ease your selection among the many academic journalism websites, we listed five of the best educational sites geared to address the needs of budding journalists.

  1. TED Talks

To make an informed analysis on any topic, you have to consider the perspectives of industry leaders and questions within the consumer platforms. Unlike its counterpart, TED Talks covers discussions in multiple niches, on the matters ranging from technology to entertainment, shedding light and updating you on the occurrences in various spheres.

Apart from gaining insight from movers and shakers in the industry, TED Talks offers you a chance to improve your grammar and acquire topic-related terminologies. As a result, you put forth captivating articles that are not only up to date but also relevant to your target audience.

  1. Academic Earth

Whether you intend to further your prowess in a field or familiarize yourself to a skill, Academic Earth proves to be a useful tool. Dissertation team writers state that with numerous resources from multiple universities, this website makes it easier for you to gather journalism material and extend your knowledge in the various categories.

To save you the time of selecting a suitable material through tons of other data, the website features a panel that allows you to choose your study level, category, and subject. However, what makes this rank as an educational website for journalism students, is the fact that it is a free app. Thus, it has the little burden of the student finances.

  1. theSkimm

As a journalism student, it is paramount to keep yourself updated with the news, without compromising your study schedule. To facilitate this, theSkim offers a condensed version of the news, therefore, giving you a gist of the occurrences.

With this information, you can cover the topics within your niches easier and seek more in-depth knowledge. For daily updates, arm yourself with theSkimm daily email, therefore, receiving a summary of everyday occurrences.

  1. Lynda

When it comes to an educational website for media production and computing, Lynda proves to be a perfect choice. Unlike various informative sites, Lynda uses video illustrations which help students to familiarize with items faster, thus providing for quicker learning of particular skills.

Unlike its lookalikes, Lynda offers videos from experts with experience in their respective areas, helping you navigate challenges within the course of study. Even better, this site offers unlimited access to the material upon subscription. Additionally, you can enjoy a one-month free trial to get an understanding of the services in which you are investing your capital.

  1. org

A limiting factor for students is the exorbitantly priced material that would cripple their limited finances. With Gutenberg, students can access a wide range of content whose copyright has expired, therefore, making it free to access.

Ranging from e-books to pdf files, the material on Gutenberg is free and easy to access without the need for unique apps. To facilitate easy access to content, Gutenberg features a simple to use interface and offers a search function.

Although Gutenberg is not journalism material per se, it acts as a gateway to the content on media production and skills far-ranging.

To excel in class, you require to go a mile ahead and better your skills, increasing the knowledge in your niche. By using the aforementioned websites, you not only acquire knowledge in your respective field, but also spare the surpass costs that would have been used on their counterparts.

While at it, ensure to visit your school website for past paper and study resources, thus understanding the fields that are often tested and getting a guide map for your study.

Bio: Sebastian Miller is a former Calling Lake School science teacher. After four years of teaching, he decided to become a freelance writer. In Sebastian’s opinion, math is the core of all science, and his goal is to enlight as many schoolers as possible through writing.

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