5 Reasons To Join A Club or Student Organization


We all know that the main reason to go to college is to get a great education so we can have great careers. But, there is a lot more to college than just the classes. You really do need to take part in other things in order to get the full college experience. One thing that all students should do is get involved with clubs and student organizations. There are several benefits to doing this, besides the fact that you will be getting away from the books and out of your dorm room once in a while to socialize. Here are five great reasons why you should consider joining one of the many clubs or student organizations.

  1. Develop People Skills – Obviously you already have some people skills, or you wouldn’t have made it this far in life. But, there is nothing stopping you from getting even better people skills. When you are involved with clubs and organizations, you are involved with other people from all walks of life. This is a terrific way to hone your people skills and make new friends. It is also going to help you in the future, especially if you choose a career path that involves working with the public in any capacity.
  2. Become a Team Player – With the exception of being put with a group for certain projects, most of your school career has involved you working on your own. But, you also need to learn how to be a great team player. This is definitely something that you are going to learn when you join clubs and student organizations. You will have to work with other people, so you are going to gain a lot of team experience. This is also a great networking opportunity, so take full advantage of it while you can. Some of the people you meet and work with now could be the people who are going to give you a job in the future.
  3. Food and Friends – When you are involved in clubs around the campus, you get to make a lot of great friends. Activities often center around food, and you could end up running catered events. If this happens, offer everyone something different and give them a great meal from Chipotle. They cater to various events, and there is something for everyone. You can go online to check out the Chipotle catering prices and menu, and come up with a meal that is going to impress everyone, from students to professors.
  4. Practice Your Skills – Try to find clubs or groups that are related to your course of study. That way, you can put your studies to practical use while you are still learning. This is going to give you a lot of on the job experience that is going to look terrific on your resume. You can take what you are learning and apply it to the real world. You will see what actually works and what doesn’t. You will really be making the most out of your college education, because you will be learning, practicing, and learning more while you are practicing.
  5. Pad Your Resume – Many people don’t realize just how good it looks to show on a resume that they have belonged to various groups. For one thing, it shows that you are willing to get out there and meet people and take on new challenges. It also gives you experience that could be directly related to the types of jobs you are applying for. It shows that you are able to work with a team, and that you can take on a lot of different responsibilities.

Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot. Follow Jane on Twitter.



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