6 Best YouTube Channels for Quality Learning Online Courses / Material


If you want to expand your knowledge and gain more skills, one of the best way to do it is by taking online courses. The only problem is that with so many courses out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to take, and which aren’t going to do you much good. You can find all kinds of great courses and learning channels on YouTube, but which ones are going to offer the best quality learning material for you? Today we are going to take a look at what we consider to be six of the best YouTube channels that offer quality learning material.


1) Vsauce: Some channels are very specialized, while others offer a huge selection of learning material. Vsauce is one of the latter, and you will find everything from human behavior to physics to general knowledge to earth and space, and even learn if headlights can work at light speed. These courses are fun, and loaded with information that can help with your work, current studies, etc. Learn about how the earth works, dinosaur science, how Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain, and more.

2) Gresham College: This is another channel that offers a variety of online courses that can help to improve your general knowledge. For instance, you may be interested in learning about asthma and other diseases of the airways. Or, you might want to learn more about the world of insects, including the various diseases that are spread by mosquitoes. Some of the most popular uploads from Gresham College include “The End of Space and Time? with Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf, the “Shakespeare Politics” series, and “Mathematics: The Next Generation” with Professor Peter.

3) Veritasium: This is a channel that offers courses about science and engineering. You will find loads of cool experiments, interviews with experts, awesome demonstrations, public discussions about various science topics, and more. Some of the most popular uploads on Veritasium include “Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?”, “Anti-Gravity Wheel?”, and “Why are Mosquitoes Attracted to Me?”. If you need to upgrade your iPhone to be able to use this or any other YouTube channel, look into going for an iPhone 6 trade in so you don’t have to pay full price for a new iPhone.

4) Smithsonian Channel: If you are looking for quality programming from a YouTube educational channel, look no further than the Smithsonian Channel. Here you will find award-winning programming about such topics as air and space, history, science, nature, pop culture, and so much more. This is a joint venture that offers the expertise of Showtime Networks with the resources offered by the Smithsonian, and you will find yourself enjoying endless hours of top class learning material that can help you with your work, studies, and more.

5) C.G.P. Grey: Are you curious as to how machines learn? Do you want to learn about the differences between Great Britain and the United Kingdom? Are you interested in learning about Canada/United States border issues? You will find all of this, and more, on C.G.P. Grey, and you can even “Ask Grey a Question”. There are even a lot of fun videos, such as “The One Ring Explained” about the Lord of the Rings mythology, and “How to Become Pope”. This is a fun and eclectic learning resource that you need to check out.

6) BrainCraft: Maybe you are interested in psychology, how the brain works, and why we do the things we do. When you check out the videos at BrainCraft, you will be able to learn about these things, and then some. This channel offers videos about neuroscience, psychology, etc., and you will find some pretty interesting videos, including “How to Think Like Einstein”, “The Neuroscience of Creativity”, and “Your Brain in Virtual Reality”.



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