6 Essential Things To Do Before Beginning College


 There is more to do before college than you might think.  You need to get everything in order to prepare for moving and tackling an entire new lifestyle. Your best bet is to stay organized and take these essential tips:

 Buy Your Books and Supplies Online

 Something you will want to get in the routine of is purchasing your books online versus at your university bookstore. The books will be a lot cheaper online and there will be more used options. Check out sites like Ebay and Amazon for the best deals on college books. You can also find school supplies and other college necessities that you can get sent straight to your apartment or dorm room.

Online is the best place to get pens, pencils, binders, notebooks and everything else. The best part is that you won’t have to transport all of it to school. You can get it shipped straight to your college living area, which will make moving that much easier.

 Get a Well-Structured Calendar

 A great calendar is something that you will need in college that you might not have previously needed. There will be so many assignments, tests and social events that you will need to plan for somehow. A calendar allows you to make notes and keep track of classes and due dates. You can’t go wrong with a calendar and color coded pens and stickers. Now is the time to get organized.

Clean Out Your Room at Home and Get Rid of Old Items

 College is a great excuse to get a fresh start. This means decluttering and organizing your life. Sometimes the best way to have a clear head is to clear out your closet. There are surely so many things over the years that have piled up that you don’t need anymore. Get some trash bags and start clearing out your closets and drawers. This will help you sort out what you want to bring to college and what you want to donate. You then will have room for new things that will make you feel refreshed.

Decide on an Extracurricular Activity Now

 It’s never too late to decide whether you want to focus your time at college on knitting or SEO – what you need to do is make a decision. A passion cultivated in college is great as it could potentially help you with a side income: you could sell your knitwear on Pinterest or offer your tech-savvy services to blog. With influences and bloggers on the rise, it’s a growing market that could use fresh skills constantly. Also, any skill you pick up during your time in college is another skill you can put on your resume when you’ve graduated.

Buy New Art and Clothes for Your New Start

 College is a great time to start fresh and reinvent your style. Go online and purchase some fun art for your dorm walls. You can pick your favorite posters and prints to show off on your walls. Living by yourself means that it is your space that you can personalize, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Now is also a great time to purchase some new shoes and clothes. This will give you confidence when going into your first year of college.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready to Go

 One thing people forget about when heading to college is getting their car ready. Your parents won’t be there to remind you to get your car cleaned or oil changed. Your best bet is completing these tasks before you head to college. You will feel ready for the year after a good car detailing.

Make sure you check your tire pressure and any other part of your car that your mom or dad usually helps out with. This could save you from future car issues, as well as increase your peace of mind when driving.

Annabel Monaghan is a writer with a passion for education and edtech. She writes education and career articles for The College Puzzle with the aim of providing useful information for students and young professionals. If you have any questions, please feel free to email her at annabelmonaghanwriter@gmail.com. 




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