6 Latest Tech Innovations that Help You In Your Classes


 Teaching is all about introducing new topics to the students. Usually, technology is considered a threat for the college students in the United States. In my opinion, technology can play a vital role in the classroom as well. We cannot simply ignore the importance of technology due to its negative aspects. We have to accept the involvement of technology in education if we want to make sure education for everyone.

 Usage of simulations and 3D models:

There are some topics for the college students which are very difficult to understand. In these cases, digital simulations and 3D models can help the students. On the other hand, it is helpful for the teachers as well. Suppose, a teacher is going to give a lecture on tornadoes. Hearing the lecture, some of the students will understand it. However, there are some other students who will not understand it at that very moment. It is easier for them if they have a visualization in front of them. So, the teacher can take the help of a 3D model and it is a win-win situation for both the teachers and the students.

 Importance of cloud storage and social media:

Assignments and projects are very important for the college students. In our time, we had to visit library after library to get an exact reference. However, those days are gone away and the students can take the help of cloud storage now. Thus, they can save their time and invest it for gathering more information. On the contrary, the students can create web pages or virtual communities and share their thoughts. This way, they can get feedback from other students and teachers as well. So, now the students have more opportunity to correct their errors and refine their way of thinking. 


      Apps development at its best:

Learning with fun is always better than our traditional learning. Technology makes it more fun than ever. Now, the students can learn while playing a game or streaming a video. There are thousands of apps for high school students available in Play Store and App Store. We all are familiar with the apps like dictionary, calculator, translator, etc. and there are more for college students. People will argue that the tech innovations are of no use for the college students. So, let me give you an example. Suppose you are studying geography of a particular location. All you have is a picture of that location and some description of it. Now, it is very difficult to imagine just by looking into a picture. However, if you take the help of Google Maps, Google Earth or Google Map’s Street View, then the whole scenario will be changed.

    Virtual study as a life saver:

You may not remember that there was a time when group study was very popular. It has lost its glamour now and the improvised version of group study takes that place. Now, the students like to collaborate in the virtual world. It is not a problem anymore if you are sick or out of reach. All you need is a device and an internet connection to take part in the virtual group study. Besides, it is much easier to share notes and documents in online platforms.

 Say NO to limitations:

There was a time when the students had to ignore unfamiliar terms or unknown concepts while studying alone. Time has changed and there is no need to skip any topic now. The students can simply search for it in Google or Yahoo, there must be hundreds of essays on their targeted topic. On the other hand, modern tech innovations help us say yes to open education and say no to limitation. A student from a third world country can avail the same resources like a student of a first world country. Moreover, the students can easily access the virtual library of various renowned colleges and universities.

 Gadgets for everyone:

We all are familiar with the usage of laptops and smartphones in the classroom. Except these devices, we can use some other modern tech innovations like- smart pen, digital textbooks, smart backpacks etc. At first, let us look at the smart pen. A smart pen looks like a traditional pen. However, it can record all your notes digitally as it is equipped with a smart software and a sensitive microphone. Thus, you can take important notes on your lecture and record it at the same time for further use. Later, you can upload these notes in Google Docs or Evernote. On the other hand, tablets, e-readers, kindles are very popular among the college students. So, why not we consider digital textbooks? Digital textbooks are easy to use and lightweight compared to our traditional books. Moreover, the price of a digital book is lesser than a physical book.

                                                   Finally, like other innovations of technology, it has a negative impact in the classroom as well. It truly depends on the students whether they want to take advantage of modern innovations in the classroom or not.


 Author name : Shahina Parvin


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