6 Life Lessons Students Can Learn from Gaming


Video games have become an important part of every child’s life these days. Starting from the rudimentary video games of the 90s to the high-end games of today, gaming has changed radically over the years with the advent of new technology. But one thing has remained constant over the years, and that is the immense impact that gaming has on the mind. Gaming can enrich one with important life skills.

Planning and strategy

The most important thing about almost all games is the importance of strategy that is necessary move through the obstacles. Not only does this improve the agility and functionality of the brain, it helps one navigate through real life in a much more efficient and smarter way. People who have experience of playing video games are often more equipped to fight and overcome the challenges in their personal and professional lives with a certain level of strategy.

The value of patience

Most games have certain factors like energy, game money, power ups etc which come at regular intervals or at least have to be earned over time. This can be insanely frustrating, but absolutely essential for one to advance through the various levels and challenges in the game. Therefore, the player learns an essential life value of patience

Accepting defeat

Failure might or might not be the pillar of success but it sure, isn’t an easy thing to experience. Winning and losing are both important parts of gaming, which makes it much easier for a gamer to accept defeat gracefully and fight for success. Not only does it help cushion the disappointment and sadness that is commonly associated with losing, it also helps the person develop the strength and zeal to carry on.


Perseverance is probably the most important thing one needs to have, in order to progress to a higher level in a game. The initial levels start fun and easy but the real fun is progressing in the game, slaying the obstacles. But it takes immense time, effort, dedication and the strength to continue despite the difficulty each stage poses. Once one learns the valuable lesson on how sweet success takes after all that struggle, it inspires them to persevere and work harder and never to stop before the goal is achieved.

The importance of timing

Timing is extremely crucial in a video game. If one does not take the right action or hit the right buttons on time, the game will change drastically. Thus, it teaches one to be agile in the face of changes that life might come up with. A Gamer learns to take life and its challenges head on, with an unflinching attitude because he or she is well acquainted with the value on acting on time. Thus, it also helps one learn to grab the right opportunity at the right moment.

Intuitive prediction

Gamers are seen to develop a natural tendency to predict correctly, which can be attributed to the honing of the intuitive skills of the player. With the right kind of gaming portal like real bookies, this intuition can be turned into a fun game of prediction. With the necessary skills, one can even make a bit of money by betting online on sports in the right forums. Done right, this is completely legal and can help a student get some extra bucks for college money or even a working person with some additional funds for saving up.

Video games teach some of the most important values in life which helps in a wholesome holistic growth of a person as an individual.

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