6 Outstanding Study Abroad Programs


As you are getting ready for your semester and figuring out what classes to take, you should consider a study abroad program. These programs offer you an experience of a lifetime. You can experience a different culture and learn a new language. There are many opportunities out there with study abroad programs. Here are six great study abroad programs that you can take part in.


  1. IES Abroad Siena Summer – This program takes you to Italy for cuisine classes. Sienna is a small town located in the Tuscany region of Italy. You can immerse yourself in the food and culture of this medieval city. There are gelato laboratories, vineyards, restaurants, and dairies available to help you immerse yourself in Tuscan food. If you are lucky, you can travel to Sienna in July to witness the Palio. It is a famous horse race that takes place at the Piazza del Campo and has roots in the Middle Ages. So travel to Tuscan and enjoy the food and atmosphere of a wonderful city.
  2. CIS (China International Summer) Program – The CIS program is located in Shanghai, China and it is focused on academic research. Every summer, the program invites a large group of renowned professors from top universities around the world to lead research projects. When you are not involved with research or your classes, you can explore country and the unique cultural experience it has to offer. This is a one-month long program available to high school and college students taught in English. One class even created and launched a remote sensing satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. If you are interested in spending a summer in research in a unique setting, this is the program for you.
  3. USAC France: Lyon – This study abroad program takes you to France, specifically Lyon to study Art history, French language, and Francophone studies. This is a yearlong in-depth language arts program where you will earn credits for French and additional studies. You can enjoy a weekend skiing on the Alps or enjoy Bourgogne. You can tour Provence and visit the Mediterranean coast. You will enjoy the food and atmosphere of Lyon while you study French and other classes.
  4. College Year in Athens – Imagine yourself on the island of Greece. You could be living there for a year with this program. You can focus on East Mediterranean and European studies while enjoying the culture of Athens. Field trips and other travels to parts of Europe and Greece are included in your tuition. If you are interested in Athens and want to submerge yourself in Ancient Greek history or foreign languages, this is the program for you.
  5. ISA Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain – You can study abroad in the fourth largest city in Spain. There are various courses and lengths of time you can spend in Sevilla. Sevilla is a modern city with traditional highlights. It is easy to get around by bike or metro. You will be surrounded by flamenco dancing and tapas bars as you study in Sevilla. You can spend time biking along the Guadalquivir River taking in the sights and sounds of Sevilla. The largest Semana Santa celebration takes place in Sevilla which includes 12-hour long processions during Holy Week. They also celebrate Feria de Abril which is a festival with food and traditional dance. Come celebrate with the locals while earning some college credits.
  6. Uppsala International Summer Session – This is a summer abroad program that takes place in Sweden. Your courses will range from two to nine weeks. You will learn the Swedish language, history, and culture. You can wander around the botanical gardens and visit the iconic gothic cathedral in Uppsala. You can find prehistoric burial mounds in Old Uppsala and fantastic food and museums throughout the city. You will enjoy your intensive language study program over the summer in Uppsala.



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