7 Essential Strategies For Students To Create Outstanding Digital Resumes To Get Hired

By Jessica Mills

Young people are great with technology, so they should use it for investing in their professional future. College students lack working experience, as a consequence, they have to compensate with an amazing CV, an impeccable online presence and innovative ways of selling their skills.

Below, there are several online tools able to help you create appealing job applications. Don’t be afraid to use them!

Famous companies and powerful employers are present on this platform. It is a huge plus to have an account in here. Students can be visible to businesses in their academic field and they can make useful connections. Internships are a great career start and this is the perfect place to obtain them.

Stand out with an interactive resume containing images, presentations, videos and more. Also, you could use keywords inside the profile, so that companies should find you easier and faster.

In conclusion, students who are looking for well paid jobs must have a LinkedIn profile.

2. Inforg.am

This website is working well with LinkedIn. Users can import data from LinkedIn to Inforg.am and create info graphics. Students can use this tool to emphasize their educational performance and to illustrate their academic activities. In this way, employers can see from one look how good you are!

The website also has other visual materials available. All these are meant to help users create visually attractive resumes.


No matter how many extracurricular activities have you participated too, they all must be presented in a commercial way. It is always indicated to invest in yourself by hiring professional writers to complete a flawless CV. After all, you just pay once and use the resume for countless times.

Papersgear works with experienced writers and editors who can improve a text in no time. They will make sure that every experience will be greatly valued inside the profile.


A dynamic resume says more than words. In here, employers can follow candidates in real time, as they add new academic, personal and professional activities. Thus, students can prove that they are constantly improving and struggling to achieve more goals.

Create a profile onabout.me and impress the companies you are aiming to work for.


This platform is perfect for those who don’t have time to learn how a certain website works. On Populr.me, everything can be done with the drag and drop method. Students just have to fill in online fields with personal and professional work related experience, educational achievements, impressive skills and hobbies, and so on.

The profile can be boosted with photos, videos and documents. Additionally, the website allows users to look at others’ profile. In this way, you can get inspired and check out the competition. The profile created in here can be shared via e-mail or social media.


Accredible platform is the right place to be for recent graduated students. They can easily create attractive presentations using the academic certificates owned. Then, these ones can be published online or exported to LinkedIn.

The website has a huge storage space and supports tons of details about a person. Profiles are free to contain text, videos, photos, and documents.

7. Enthuse.me

In the end, any online resume or talented students need a little (or more) marketing. It is important that companies and employers know that you exist. So useEnthuse.me to put your name out there.

Users just have to create a profile and add their educational and working experience. Then, the platform helps them pick the most relevant documents and samples of their activities.

Create online resumes and hunt the best jobs in the field!

Now you are probably asking this: Why do I have to struggle so hard to create dozens of online resumes and presentations, if I have worked hard and graduated from a good university? Because the sad reality is that the economy is not flourishing and there are tons of graduates looking for jobs. Just take a look at the hiring platforms. There are practically hundreds of applicants to one single opening. In these conditions, it is vital to stand out from the crowed and get noticed.

So start using every means of self promoting

Jessica Millis, experienced writer, editor and copywriter. She works as an educator (writing classes) at James Madison University and always tries to use innovations in the study process.

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