7 Smart Excuses For Not Drinking at The Next Students’ Party


Being a student means that you are under a lot of pressure from fellow students to act the way that they think you should. College parties mean drinking, dancing, playing drinking games, and all the rest, right? You actually don’t have to drink at every party, and certainly not in order to have a good time. Here are seven smart excuses to use when people are hassling you about not drinking with them.


  1. Be the designated driver

If a lot of people are crowding around to one dorm, or one frat house, or one hall to have a party, many of them aren’t going to be from within walking distance. If anyone asks you why you aren’t drinking, simply tell them that you are driving home – even if it’s not true, it’s a valid excuse. There can be serious issues for your college career if you are caught drinking and driving. You could be expelled from your course, fined, put on probation, or even given jail time if your offence is serious enough. With such heavy legal consequences hanging over the decision to drink and drive, fellow students should respect your decision not to do so.


  1. Mention your training

If you are training for a sport, you won’t want to get drunk. Not only can it play havoc with your body, but the extra calories in alcohol can play havoc with your training diet too. If you have a football scholarship, for example, fellow students will be much more likely to understand that you don’t want to jeopardise your position by drinking. This is especially great as an excuse if you also have to get up and train early the next morning.


  1. Pretend you’re pregnant

Alright, so this will only work for girls, not guys. But if you pretend that you’re pregnant, no one at all is going to question why you aren’t drinking. If you use this excuse, you have to be comfortable with rumours spreading about it, and so you need to not care what other people think about you. It’s easy to brush questions off the next day by refuting the idea that you’re pregnant and suggesting that whoever thought that must have been drunk.


  1. Say you’ve already been drinking

If you aren’t hanging out with the same people consistently all night long, this will work wonders. Whenever someone asks you why you aren’t drinking, you can just tell them that you finished your last drink a few moments ago and now you’re taking a break. Why not? They won’t be able to figure out whether you really did have a drink or not, and it’s not really any of their business anyway.


  1. Hold a drink in your hand

If you are still getting hassled about not drinking even with your excuses in play, you can avoid hearing the questions in the first place by simply picking up a drink. Whether you grab a beer or just a solo cup with a little liquid inside, you’re going to look like you’re drinking even though you aren’t. This is a good way to not have to give an excuse, since everyone will assume you are having a drink. A great way to take this to the next level is to fill a cup or bottle with water, and if asked, tell people it’s vodka. This way you can still take a sip now and then without having to actually drink.


  1. Say you’re allergic

Many people are actually allergic to alcohol, so this could be a great excuse. Try doing a little bit of research first so that you know what the symptoms are and can talk about it further if pressed, otherwise this excuse may fall apart.


  1. Tell people you’re an alcoholic

Again, this excuse requires you to not care what people think about you, because if you do, you won’t want to have this reputation. But being a recovering alcoholic is something that most people understand, and they won’t push you to drink.

These smart excuses will all help in tricky situations, but the best move may just to politely but firmly state that you don’t want to drink. Anyone who doesn’t respect that isn’t worth your time.

Bio: With a huge love for writing and helping all those in need of help, Lucy Taylor is a legal expert, currently supporting LY Lawyers. She is also a staunch supporter of responsible driving and educating motorists about dangers of alcohol. Follow Lucy on her Twitter.

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