7 Things You May Not Know About Your iPhone

By Melissa Burns

You may be using an iPhone or even several different models of it for years a believe you are pretty good about using it to its full potential. However, there a lot of options and features that are not hidden, but aren’t exactly all that obvious either, and knowing them can considerably improve your experience of using the device, and make this use all the more productive.

1.    Creating Shortcuts

If you type a lot using your iPhone, it may be a good idea to optimize the process a little bit. Can you remember any words that you use especially often? If so, you may create shortcuts – combinations of letters that will automatically expand into the necessary words of phrases when you type them in. To do so, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut.

2.    Clearing History

Sometimes, due to this or that reason, you have to wipe the history off your iPhone. It may be because constant prompts get all too annoying, or you want to give the phone to somebody else and don’t want them to know what you were up to all this while. However, figuring out how to clear up all your traces on your own may be a bit of pain – that’s why it is better use an online guide on how to clear all history on your iPhone and perform the process step by step.

3.    Adding Letters to Your Passcode

Do you think that a passcode comprised of only numbers is not secure enough? You may mix letters in, as well. To do so, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode”. This time, when you are prompted to change your passcode, you will have the entire keyboard, not just numbers, at your disposal.

4.    Use Your iPhone as a Level

Do you know that you had a fully functional level in your pocket all that time? As it turns out, simply swiping left in the in-built Compass app immediately turns it on.

5.    Taking Screen Shots

Ever wondered how these screenshots in online iPhone guides are made? There is nothing difficult about it – you simply have to hold the home and the on/off buttons at the same time, and the short of your current screen will be saved into your camera roll.

6.    Responding to Texts without Unlocking the iPhone

Pull down on the message notification and swipe to the left – this will allow you to answer the text without first unlocking your phone. An extremely useful function when your hands are full and every extra movement is uncomfortable.

7.    See the Apps that Drain Your Battery the Most

Do you want to know where your battery charge goes? It is pretty simple. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and you will see statistics of which apps cosumed most energy in the last 24 hours.

Things like these, when combined, can really change the way you work with a device – so don’t forgo this opportunity and learn these simple tricks. They will help you in future.