7 Tips for Finding an Internship Abroad During College


You are in your final years of college and are looking for an internship. While many college students get an internship close to home, there are also many internships available abroad. Imagine travelling around the world to work for an international company. Here are seven tips to help you find an internship abroad.

1. College – Your own college or university may offer internships abroad. Check with your study abroad office or your advisor and let them know that you want to intern abroad. Even if there are no international internships lined up, you might want to check with the alumni office and see if there are any graduates living abroad that might be able to arrange an internship for you.
2. Places – Before you look into internships it is important that you have a general idea of where you want to go. There are many different international cities that have internships available. You can research these cities online and find out where you want to go. Some cities that you may consider are London for business, Paris for fashion, Spain for government or education, Cape Town for tourism and many more.
3. Research – Another option is to research and find an internship abroad yourself. If you put some time and research into finding an internship abroad you are more likely to enjoy the internship and stick with it. Your college may be able to help you get started and will probably encourage you with your research. Go online and look around for international businesses offering internships. You will have more control over where you end up and how much you might get paid. Here are useful sources to aid in your research: GoAbroad, Internships, Gooverseas, MyInternshipAbroad.

  1. Resume – You want to brush up your resume to send to your college or international businesses. You will want to stress the classes and activities you have taken part in that will demonstrate the skills you have learned. You want to research the company you will be interning for so you can hone your resume to suit that company. You want a resume that stands out so you may want to look at some resume examples online. They will show you how to highlight your abilities using certain styles, colors, and fonts.
    5. Volunteer – You can always volunteer for a non profit company in an internship abroad. There are many different positions that you can look into while figuring out your internship abroad. Many non-profits overseas will have hands on or desk work that you can do. This will look good on your resume once you graduate. Be sure to research any international company that is looking for volunteers.
    6. Network – Let people know that you are looking for an internship abroad. Some people may have friends or relatives working abroad that may be willing to help you or connect you to the right people. The more people who know your intentions the more people who might be able to help you. Your parents and their friends or a church group may know people who can help you set up an internship abroad.
    7. Apply directly – “You can apply directly to international businesses. Research the business and see if they are looking for interns. Many business will like bypassing the paperwork that is usually associated with a middleman when dealing with interns,” says an expert from Salsa Dance Lessons. Polish your resume and email some inquiries to different companies overseas. Even if the company you are interested in does not need you they may be willing to pass your resume on to other international companies that could use you.

    Lorraine McKinney is an academic tutor and e learning specialist.

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