7 Ways To Stay Inspired And Effective in College Life

July 11th, 2016


When you get into college, you soon realize that it is a whole lot different from high school. One of the major differences being that unless you keep yourself disciplined, keep your due dates and take up all your responsibilities, nobody will do it for you. You have to remember everything on your own and even though it catches up, in the beginning it takes a toll on a lot of students. At times like these, one can really feel apathetic, lazy, uninspired and, lose interest in a lot of things. Now, regardless of the situation, you still have to go on and stay on course in order to accomplish youth goals; you need to remain motivated at all times. Below are some tips that will help you stay motivated and inspired through your college life.

  1. Organize your time

Organization is a major key in the completion of tasks. Regardless of the demands of the task, try and set some time when you can plan out your whole week. This will help you stay on track and you won’t have a chance to leave everything to the last minute. If you procrastinate and do everything in the last minute, you will be overwhelmed, exhausted and ultimately fail miserably.

Of course, you should have a healthy balance of studying and extracurricular activities; therefore budget your time appropriately. Use a planner if you have to, to mark all the important assignments and their due dates.

  1. Form a study group or a support group

Humans are social beings and supporting each other can make a big difference. Study groups can be a brilliant idea as they will keep you motivated. You will be able to open your mind, look forward to the discussions, consolidate your understanding and share different views with others. Having other people involved in a task can make it more fun and enjoyable. In addition to this, you will also make friends while at it and they will also motivate you.

  1. Be realistic

You have to set realistic goals for yourself and keep in mind that nothing comes easy, or overnight. You have to make the efforts and be committed at accomplishing a certain goal then you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Of course, you also have to strive for improvement at all times; never settle for less.

  1. Use motivational apps and motivational movies

Achieving your goals will take a lot more than just good intentions. You have to take action and be consistent in order to make progress. Now, to motivate you, there are numerous apps you can use like Nozbe, which is a task management system, GoalsOnTrack, which is one of the most robust goal setting applications, Strides, which is a goal and habit tracking program and irunurun, which will help you reach your full potential. There are also numerous motivational movies you can watch through apps like Showbox or Playbox HD that will inspire you to do great things.

  1. Use the library

There is no place quieter than the library and on top of that, they are full of excellent resources. It’s an environment where you can concentrate and focus unlike at home where there are numerous distractions. You can do all your assignments peacefully and you will not feel the need to procrastinate. If anything, the other people in the library with you will motivate you and you will want to indulge yourself like them. Before you realize, your assignment will be done.

  1. Do not skip class

There are those mornings that you just feel lazy and uninspired and feel like the best thing would be to take some rest. Yet, you will miss a lot each time you miss class. You will have to do double work in order to catch up with the rest, complete assignments, and before long, you are lagging behind and struggling to hold on. So by all means, try as hard as you can to attend all your classes and on time. Be sure to cultivate a friendly and cordial relationship with your lecturers.

  1. Find inspiration

It can be very easy to lose perspective when all you see are the assignments, the presentations and the exams. Try and look at the bigger picture, the benefits you will have once you are done. Make sure you read inspiration quotes often enough to stay focused, or find a person who inspires you. Get a daily affirmation that will always get you going on any challenge. Use technological innovations to your aid.


Things will always appear as you want them to be; so be positive. A positive mindset will never lose focus and if you keep everything in check, you will never lose your motivation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; if you are not so good in a certain subject, go to a lecturer or a fellow student who is good at it and ask them to help you.


About the Author: Alyssa Sellors has been teaching English and Journalism for seven years. Currently she works for a number of online publications as a freelance writer and contributor.

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