7 Ways Working Through College Prepares You For The Real World


Some students can sail through college without having to work. Sure, they may get to have more of a social life, but they are also missing out on an experience they can never get again. There are actually several benefits to working while in college, besides earning enough money to be able to pay for expenses. Let’s take a look at seven ways that working through college can prepare you for the real world.

  1. Avoid Debt – If you have to take out student loans to pay for school, having a part-time job can help to offset a lot of expenses. You can avoid a lot of debt by paying for a lot of your educational expenses yourself. Having a huge student loan debt after graduation is not the best way to start your new life. The last thing you want is to get out into the real world and be saddled with huge loan payments.
  2. Job Experience – One of the biggest benefits of working through college is the valuable on-the-job experience you will have. Not only will you have your education and training, you will have actual experience that you can put on your resume. This is something that potential employers like to see. Not only does it show you have the skills for the job, but also that you have a lot of ambition.
  3. Working with Others – Working in groups at school somewhat prepares you for working in teams in the real world, but nothing prepares you like actual work experience. Look for companies that offer the best coworking spaces, so you can start experiencing what it is going to be like when you have to work with others in the real world after college.
  4. Time Management Skills – When you work and go to school, you have a lot going on, and you need to learn how to manage your time so you can attend classes, study, work, and actually have a bit of a life. The time management skills you learn while working and going to school are going to stay with you for life, and they will help you when you get out into the real world and have to juggle work and family life.
  5. Learn Responsibility – Many employers find that college graduates who don’t have any previous work experience tend to not make the best employees. They are completely unprepared for the responsibilities they have on the job, and they expect work to be like school. They take extra breaks, chat on their mobile phones, etc. Students who work while attending college know what employers want, because they have already done it.
  6. Better Grades – A lot of people think that their grades will slip if they work while in college, because jobs will take away from their study time. Actually, because you will be learning better time management skills, you will be better able to schedule study time more effectively. Figure out how many hours you can work while still having time to attend classes, study, and sleep, and you will soon notice an improvement in your study habits, and in your grades.
  7. Employee Benefits – Some part-time jobs offer employee benefits, which can come in pretty handy when you are a student. For instance, you might qualify for sick time, which you might need during cold and flu season. Some companies offer retirement savings plans that you can invest in, and some even offer part-time employees health benefits. Most students can’t afford medical care, but it could be covered for you if you find the right employer.

Brittany Kerlin is a library assistant / technician. She enjoys writing

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