8 Ways College Seniors Can Stay Highly Productive



Being a final-year student, you start thinking about your future career, and it’s more likely you try to shift the educational process and career growth as it’s important to create a good portfolio to get a great job position after the graduation. Obviously, to succeed in both processes, you need to be highly productive, and it’s not an easy thing to do.

If you want to be A+ student who manages to work and study, learn more about eight actionable ways to burst productivity:


  1. Prepare Assignments in Advance

If you have some college task that is not urgent, don’t wait until the deadline comes to write it. The earlier you complete it, the more time you have to spend on your career development. None loves being pressed for time, so never skip doing assignments in advance.


  1. Learn on the Move

Most senior students have a big load of tasks, and it’s important to read, write, revise a lot. To save time, you can learn on the move: read books, write outlines, pass online courses, revise materials, listen to podcasts on your mobile gadget once you have time to do it. For example, use your spare time the right way while waiting in a queue.


  1. Ask for Help

Every person gets stuck on completing some task from time to time. If you don’t know how to do something, ask for help. It’s better to learn how to ask for assistance in order to avoid making the same mistakes than putting much effort to do everything on your own. Moreover, it’s important to offer help if you see that someone needs it.


  1. Stop Using Social Media

Let’s be real: all modern students keep in touch with their friends using social media. Although we love writing SMS, it takes a considerable amount of time to text them, and it takes extra time to check your phone for receiving a reply. If you need to discuss something, call your friend, and never use social media if you don’t have free time.


  1. Earn Money Online

Most modern professions give an opportunity to find out ways how to create your portfolio and earn money online. Studying at college or university, you need to spend a considerable amount of time learning, and if you have a possibility to work online, never lose it.


  1. Cope with Stress

Shifting work and education can cause stress, and it’s crucial for you to learn how to cope with it. Stressful factors can be everywhere and they affect your well-being which means reducing your productivity. Thus, you’d better prevent stress, and keep being a happy person.


  1. Make the Most Out of Your Breaks

Productive people know how to manage time the right way. No matter why you have taken a break, use it with a benefit. For example, you can revise college material while having a lunch, read useful articles while relaxing after a hard working day, or simply call clients while being at college. Learn how to save time, and your productivity will increase with ease.


  1. Stay Inspired

There is no better way to boost productivity than stay inspired. If you have energy and desire to complete something, you can save time and efforts on making it. Thus, you’d better stay inspired in college life as it might help you deal with different tasks.


The Wrap-Up

Productivity is a key to success when it comes to being a happy person. It goes without saying that having good time management skills can help you get more things done without sacrificing your personal life. It’s highly important for senior students who want to be good at college and work.
If you have your actionable tips on productivity, don’t hesitate to share them!


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Lale Byquist is a media communications student at Trinity University, Texas. Lale created PresentationSkills.me site as she had faced the fear of public speaking. She is sharing tips and tricks on overcoming this fear, and you’re welcome to contact her on Facebook or Twitter.

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