8 Ways College Women Can Protect Their Health

November 14th, 2017



College is a huge transition for people. From the safe cocoon of high school young adults start spreading their wings before they fly into the professional world. But in this wonderful phase a number of students, especially females, end up ignoring their health which can affect them in the long run. Here are some of the things women need to do through their college years in order to protect their heath.

Detox after parties

College parties are indeed epic and anyone who goes to college will probably spend a large part of her first semester partying. But what is important that you must detox your body when you are not partying. All that junk food and alcohol will otherwise wreck your skin and hair. Eat healthy fruits, home cooked food, drink plenty of juices and do some light workout to flush out the toxins.

Keep your clothes clean

Laundry might be the most boring thing on the planet, but it is absolutely essential. Dirt clothes are breeding grounds of bacteria which can cause rashes, boils and various skin diseases. Dirty underwear can give you painful UTIs. Therefore, if you don’t have anything to wear, it is better to buy new clothes than wearing the dirty ones!

Keep your surroundings clean

Your bed, dorm floor and bathroom can be the breeding grounds for bacteria like E. Coli etc., cold and flu virus or even bedbugs and lice if not maintained properly. Keep these places clean and dry. Change your sheets at least every week and vacuum your floors and walls regularly.

Invest in hygiene

College can be a filthy place with tons of students using the same facilities. Therefore, invest in some good anti-bacterial wipes and sanitisers. Get a toilet seat sanitiser if you have to use a shared or public bathroom. Women are far more prone to UTIs owing to a shorter urinary tract and hence it is absolutely important to ensure hygiene, especially in shared spaces.

Track your menstrual health

Ladies, your menstrual health is absolutely crucial and now that your mom isn’t on campus to keep a track, it is something you have to do all by yourself. Mark your dates on a calendar or get one of those apps which help you track your periods. From dates to pain to consistency, keep a track of everything.

Test for STDs

It is important to get yourself tested for STDs and STIs at regular intervals. A number of common STDs and STIs can be easily cured and controlled if tested at an early stage. The optimal gap for a sexually active woman is 3 months between each test.

Visit your gynecologist regularly

Don’t forget to pay regular visits to your gynecologist to rule out possible infections and other diseases. With proper care you can actually fend off or at least fight more effectively, diseases like PCOD, endometriosis etc.

Drink plenty of water

Lastly, and most importantly, if you plan on surviving through college on ramen and soda you are pretty doomed because a bad lifestyle can ruin your health big time. It is important to step up and take care of your health. Drink at least four to six liters of water every day. In order to avoid UTIs you can get yourself a water ioniser from somewhere reputed like bawellwaterionizers.com to ensure the right ph.

Health is an investment for life. If you take it for granted and ignore it in your youth, you will suffer the consequences. Therefore, take good care of your health so that you can lead a healthy life.

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