8 Ways to Organize Your Dorm & Maximize Space

June 8th, 2017


When you move from home into a dorm, you might be overwhelmed at the lack of space you have. You are probably used to having a lot of room to move around and spread out your stuff. This will not be the case in a dorm room, and you are going to have to share that space with a roommate. So, you need to find ways to organize your dorm room and make the most out of the little bit of space you have. Here are some ideas you might like.

Hang More Clothing 

You can hang a lot more clothing by slipping pop can tabs over the hooks of your coat hangers. The second hole in a tab can be used to hang another coat hanger. You can keep doing this and have three or four items hanging from one hanger on the bar. This is a great way to keep your clothes organized, and make space in your closet for more items.

Hang Your Shoes 

If you keep tripping over your shoes, it is time to find a better place for them. Get yourself a hanging shoe organizer. That way, you can hang your shoes on the back of a door so they aren’t in the way, and you will always be able to find the shoes you want when you want them.

Get an Ottoman 

Another piece of furniture that can perform multiple duties is an ottoman. Look for one that has a removable top so you can use it for storage. Ottomans can be used as footstools, extra seating, storage, etc. You can even use an ottoman as a night table, simply by placing a tray on top.

Use Double-Duty Tables

Look for items that can do double-duty. For instance, you can get a small coffee table that has a lift-up top. You can use this as a workspace, and then open it up for storage. This type of table can have multiple functions, including being a small dinner table. Go online and search, “what is 5S methodology?”, and you will learn more about organizing any space.

Use the Bed Legs 

There never seem to be enough electrical outlets or charging stations for your electronics. You can add both by placing special, tech-friendly bed risers on the legs of your bed. Each riser has an outlet and a charging station, and it will lift your bed a few inches off the floor so you can have more storage space underneath.

Use Under-Bed Storage 

Take advantage of that extra floor space beneath the bed. Get yourself some plastic drawers or rolling carts that will fit into this space, and use them for extra clothing, books, and other items. Plastic containers are recommended because they are easy to clean, as well as being lightweight and easy to move around.

Use Command Hooks 

One of the greatest inventions to come along in the last few decades is the command hook. You can now hang anything on the walls, without leaving any marks or holes. You can even use command hooks to hang curtains around your bed for added privacy. All you have to do is place the hooks on the ceiling, and hang some curtains or fabric from the hooks.

Use a Room Divider 

You can add to your storage space, and get a little bit of privacy, by using a room divider. A great option is to use a shelving unit that is open on both sides. That way, both you and your roommate can take advantage of the space. Place the shelves between your beds, and you have close access to your items, and a “wall” between you for privacy.


Brittany Kerlin is a library assistant / technician. She enjoys writing and elearning.


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