A Short Guide for International Students to Study in The USA


Now in this age of 21st century, nobody can live a standard life without education. Education is one of the basic needs of human beings. We call this century the age of information. Now if we do not have quality education, we will never be able to keep up the pace with others. This leads us to only one solution, that is to be educated.

Everyone has a dream to study in foreign countries. Every student tries to find the best school, college or university for them which is the most suitable one as per his/her passion. Today we will be talking about the college education in the United States of America. To be more specific, we will be trying to figure out why we should choose USA as our destination, what requirements we should fulfill, what things we should have and others related to this.

Why to Choose USA?

Today USA is ranked 2nd in the World Education Ranking.  And in terms of international students, 30% of them want to join an institution in USA to acquire education which makes USA globally the first choice for education. Now have you wondered why do all these students choose USA at the very first attempt? There must be a reason, right? Actually there are a few.

The academic excellence in USA is beyond description. USA has the finest education system of all with various fields available for everyone to study. There are every possible subjects, departments and fields to study on. Along with that, there are lots of ways opened for students to be parts of co curricular activities which make them not only a good student, but also a skilled, multi-tasking, versatile and global citizen. Also USA is currently the leader of the world in terms of using technology and scientific techniques. This makes the students to understand things more easily as they get chance to use techs while studying. This also allows them to get involved into more research opportunities and much more. So, USA is for sure, a great choice.

What Requirements Should a Student Fulfill?

As you are coming from a foreign country to study here in USA, you have to fulfill a few requirements.

  1. Complete application form: Students often underestimate the time given for admission and thus waste their time. So, you have to have a plan for applying in the college you want to get admitted to. At first you have to get check the admission timeline. Before choosing a college to apply for, you have to study about the education system because it varies from college to college. And another must thing, you have to show your secondary school completion certificate while completing the application form. You can do all these things online kn the specific website.
  2. Complete standardized test: As you are coming from a foreign country, you have to show your certification of having skill in English as your 2nd You have to attend standardized tests like TOEFL, GRE, SAT, IELTS, ACT, MCAT, LSAT etc. You have to get good marks in these tests to get admission to a get college.
  3. Show your evidence of financial support: If you come to USA for studying, you have to show the evidence that you are financially stable. It has to be shown because if your welfare so that if you fall in any danger, you can get out of that.

What to do After Coming to USA?

Now that you have reached your dream destination, you have to do a few things so that you can stay there in peace and without any problem.

  • Once you are in USA, you need to find a house to stay in. You need to keep in mind a fee things before getting an apartment. As you are going there to study, you have to make sure you get an apartment near your college.
  • It would be nice if you get a car or hire. There are lots of reputed car dealers in every state and district. Cars will help you for transportation.
  • As you are living in a foreign country, always keep the important papers carefully. For example: your passport, visa, ID card, admission paper etc. With you.


Overall if you maintain all these you will surely get chance to study in renowned colleges of the United States of America. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your visa and come to USA!

Author name – Shahina Parvin



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