Ace those Finals – Study Tips to Ensure Success

By Jane Hurst

Obviously, you want to ace your finals, but studying for finals can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Not only do you have huge and difficult tests to take, they are standing in the way of your having a great time this summer. Before you can think about that, you need to focus on your studies, so you can ace those exams and not have anything to worry about until the fall. Here are some of the best tips we could find to help you do just that.

  • Get Energized, Naturally – Don’t slug back an energy drink or eat something sugary thinking that it is going to give you energy before your exam. Instead, exercise, read a book, do a puzzle, or do anything else that will stimulate you and give you energy and confidence in the 24 hours prior to the exam.
  • Know Your Study Habits – Everyone studies and learns differently. Get to know what works best for you, and use it to your advantage. For instance, if you are more relaxed and learn more when you have classical music playing, keep listening to it every time you study.
  • Take it Easy – Finally, don’t let yourself get too stressed about the exam. Relax, and tell yourself that you have been working hard all year, and that you know the material. Take some time to do some fun things, such as hang out with friends, or find fun things to look at online, such as these cool Top 10 Lists.
  • Prioritize – Some classes you may be acing, while others are more difficult for you and you need to do more work to get high marks. Make a list of the classes that you aren’t doing as well in, and those that don’t require as much study because you already have a good handle on the material, and focus on what you need the most.
  • Stuff Your Face – You need to take regular snack breaks while you are studying. This is going to give you the energy you need to keep going. You should also take regular exercise breaks. Get up and take a five-minute walk, and enjoy a snack while you are at it. This is going to clear your mind and give you more energy for studying.
  • Start Studying Early – It is never too soon to start studying for your exams. In fact, you should start at least a month ahead of time, especially if you need help in certain areas. The sooner you start, the more prepared you will be for all of your exams.
  • Know Your Goals – Figure out what your study goals are, and find a way to achieve those goals. When you have a plan, you will do better on the exams.
  • Know when to Stop – You can’t study forever, and you need to know when it is time to stop. When there are only 12 to 24 hours left before a test, it is time to stop studying. The more you do at this point, the more stressed out you are going to get, and you may end up doing poorly on the exam. If you do like to cram, take a few minutes before the test to quiz yourself.
  • You Need Your Sleep – Pulling all-nighters is only going to work for so long, and then you are going to end up too exhausted to do well on your exams. The night before your exam, make sure that you go to bed early, and try to get a full eight hours of sleep in order to have the energy you need to do well on the exam.


Jane Hurst has been working in education for over 5 years as a teacher. She loves sharing her knowledge with students, is fascinated about edtech and loves reading, a lot

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