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By Lesley Vos

Academic writing is the main problem of every student probably. When they enter the university, they are impressed by a number of writing tasks to accomplish there. You will hardly find a student who would like the process of research and writing papers, because most of them consider it the worst nightmare to have during their college life.

But all papers should be written anyway. Keeping that in mind, many educators, writers, and software developers try to help students deal with essay writing and make this process much easier. One can find dozens of articles on the Web to instruct students and provide some tips and tricks on writing. Are all of them worth checking? How should a student choose useful information to get enough data and inspiration for academic writing?

This article aims to share interesting information on writing with college students who can’t find any inspiration and desire to sit and start writing their essays finally. Just take a look (links are included), and you will not be disappointed for sure.

Articles to check

Write Fast: How to Keep Your Fingers Flying Over the Keyboard – Students hate dead lines, as it is always difficult to deal with them. When you do not like a topic of your essay, when you do not know what to write about, when you have a lot of other tasks to complete, it is always a problem to finish your essay in time. This article will reveal some tricks on how to fasten your writing, so you’ll never face the same problem with dead lines again. Moreover, you will like them!

5 Writing Tips: How to Organize Your Research – Research is a very important stage of your essay writing. This article will help you organize it the best you can and make your writing process more effective. After reading it you will understand that research can be much faster and easier than you considered it before.

25 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without – Modern students can’t live without cool gadgets. But it does not mean they can’t use these gadgets for making the process of study easier and more pleasant. Read this article to discover the best applications all college students use for essay writing, information search, tasks organization, books and documents sharing, etc.

How to Write a Good Hook for Your Essay – Every student knows how important the introduction of their essays and other academic papers is: you should grab readers’ attention and make them want to continue reading your piece of writing. This article will reveal all secrets of choosing a good hook for your essay. Do you know that more than seven ways of hooks writing can be found? Read the article to learn and remember all of them.

20 Things That Can Help You Find Inspiration for Writing – Academic writing is a creative process, and one definitely needs inspiration to come up with ideas and start it. After reading this article you will know how and where to find your muse and make your writing process both exciting and productive.

7 Essential Tools For Effective College Writing – Learn the list of cool tools which can make the process of your essay writing more effective and interesting. As far as we know, many students prefer using their mobile gadgets today, so you will definitely find a perfect tool to use for writing papers or make some important notes at least. Save your time, write your essays with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

How To Deal With Stress From Essay Writing – You must agree, that academic writing can be quite stressful. A huge amount of information, many tasks, tests, exams, dead lines… Students become more sensitive and vulnerable during this period. Read this article to learn seven ways to deal with this stress and make your process of study effective and productive. You will see how cool your academic writing can be.

Want to Be a Better Writer? Read More – We all know about the positive influence of reading, but what about its influence on the quality of our writing? This article will give you the answer; moreover, you will have a chance to find out how reading influences your study, and what books famous people choose to put on their bookshelves.

Writing Communities and Networking Strategies in the Digital Age – Learn the importance of digital networking and the ways it can influence and improve your writing. Check the tips of networking online and find specific communities for writers and everyone interested in the process of writing. Advice from writing gurus will definitely help you deal with your essays and other assignments in college.


Top-notch writing is very important for every student, but they should not forget about relations and communication with professors as well. Check the following article to keep in mind some advice on talking to your educator:

Advice For Students On Talking To Professors – College professors love their job. They really do. But it does not mean that a professor will help every student if they do not even know his name and do not attend his lectures at all. This article will reveal you some secrets on talking to your professor to build good relationships with them, stay polite, and get some help from them when needed. Believe us, your professor is always ready to help you with writing if you find a right approach to them.

By Lesley Vos, a private educator of French language and a passionate blogger who works on her first e-book at the moment.



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