As You Approach Graduation: Steps to Prepare for It

BY Tasnim Siddiquee

For some students, graduation is a time of celebration while for other it’s quite the opposite. When graduation comes near, many students suffer from confusion and uncertainty. What should they do after graduation? What steps should they take for their formal education or career? A lot of students are still clueless about how to approach their lives after this period.

To help you, below you’ll find some tips for undergraduate students who are facing their graduation. Hopefully, these will give you a hint of how to properly prepare for your future.

Graduate School Preparation

While many students think about starting a career after graduation, some think about continuing their studies and getting a higher education. For that, the first thing you’ll need to do is search for the perfect school according to your own needs. If you have found one, prepare properly for the admission tests. And if you are yet to find one, you should start searching for some GMAT, GRE prep courses. Depending on the graduate school you choose for yourself, there might be some other graduate level exams.

Visit the Career Service Office

If you’re not thinking about getting any higher studies, you can also prepare for a career. In fact, many students think about starting a career after graduation. However, they often get confused about what jobs they should seek and how to prepare for the interviews. Your school’s career service office will help you on this matter by giving proper guidance. They will also be able to help you find a part-time job or an internship, depending on your certificates and achievements.

The counsellors will also help you prepare your cover letter, portfolio, CV and the other documents you will need for your first job. Let’s say that you are thinking about becoming a lawyer for personal injury claim. In this case, the counselors will help you with all the necessary paperwork for that.

Make sure that your resume will include a full history of your experience, all the projects you’ve completed, and all the skills you’ve obtained through all your school years.

Also, create different suitable cover letters for each job you’re aiming for. However, your counsellor will be able to help you create the base for your cover letter. But you will have to finish it as you like by adding or subtracting information, depending on the position you will apply for.

Gather References

References are a game changer when it comes to getting a job. You should get references according to the job you’ll apply for from the right people. In most cases, getting a good reference makes a big difference between getting a job or not.

If you have achieved great results on a certain course, ask the professor to write you a recommendation letter. Also, if you’re doing an internship, you can ask your internship supervisor for a recommendation.

And finally…

Know the Correct Amount of Your Student Debts

You’re lucky if you don’t have any student debts. But most students are not that fortunate. It’s the final hurdle you’ll need to cross after starting your career. In most cases, the first payment of your student loan is within six months after your graduation. Thus, you should start figuring out how much you owe in your student loan so that you don’t get any surprises later. And most importantly, don’t ignore your correspondence from your loan debtor.

So, if you are an undergraduate student, these pieces of advice will help you prepare thoroughly for your graduation and your future career. Also, ask your teachers for any piece of advice they can give you. Their advice will help you choose a suitable career path according to your abilities and skills.




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