Best Tips on How to Find Cheap Student Flights


Travelling as a student often comes with a major constraint of money. From transport to stay to food to sightseeing entry costs, money is a huge factor when it comes to travel. If you are looking to get yourself a good hotel or book airport parking for your car, all it takes is a little smart planning to reduce and sometimes even, eliminate a lot of your expenses during your vacation. But one of the biggest expenses of any travel plan is the flight fares. Use these life hacks to find yourself cheaper flights when you are booking your next trip.


Go incognito

Most sites use cookies to help them serve you better and in turn, expose your browser data to the web server. You will often see that once you have searched about a particular destination, ads related to the place start popping up on your social media. It is often seen that travel sites get hold of your data, not only promote, but also to increase your fares since you are already contemplating the trip. In order to avoid having your information stored in cookies and used by websites, use your browser on the incognito mode.


Avoid the peak season

Flight fares are at their highest during several times of the year such as school vacations, holidays, as well as during the best season to travel. Going home for the holidays is definitely something every student looks forward to, but if you can manage to avoid this seasonal rush, you will get cheaper tickets for sure! Similarly make use of the shoulder season to travel, for cheaper flights and other vacation expenses.


Look for cheaper airports

If you are travelling from or visiting a place with multiple airports, look into the flight prices to and from all the different airports that cater to the locations of choice. You might be surprised to how much the price varies depending on the airports you choose. Other than the flight, several other expenses vary too. For example, if your location is San Francisco and the flight fares are the same, SFO parking might just be a tad cheaper than OAK parking, saving you some good bucks there!


Learn to travel light

Most budget airlines charge extra fare per kg of cabin baggage. Check the baggage weight limits and pack light to avoid paying exorbitant prices for extra luggage weight. Make the best use of your hand baggage weight limits to distribute your luggage more efficiently, and thus avoid paying extra baggage charges.


Look for student discounts

Like in restaurants and stores, there are discounts you can avail on flights as well, simply by virtue of being a student. There are several websites which can actually help you book your tickets for cheap if you can provide them with proof that you are currently a student. Even your school might have such tie ups which you can avail. Make the best use of your student discount to book your next tickets and save up quite a bit of money.

It is a wrong conception that travelling requires a lot of money and hence, a student has to wait to be employed to travel well. A little bit of planning goes a long way in making your travel cheaper and more efficient.

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