Black Males: Strategies For College Readiness

From College Board

During the high school years, teens lay the academic and social groundwork for their future. But too many of the 1.7 million young Black men, ages 14–18, spend those crucial years of schooling battling obstacles that can jeopardize their future college and career trajectories.

Steering Black male teens to success during their high school years was the topic of ETS’s 17th Addressing Achievement Gaps Symposium. You will find timely discussions about these issues in the latest edition of ETS Policy Notes: Black Male Teens: Moving to Success in the High School Years. Published by ETS’s Policy Information Center, this issue contains highlights from ETS’s Achievement Gaps Symposium with the same title. ETS Policy Notes (Vol. 21, No. 3) is available at no cost to you here.

During the 2013 symposium, policymakers, practitioners and advocates focused on the latest research, strategies and college- and career-readiness models aimed at creating high schools that provide opportunities for Black males to succeed. The purpose was to highlight the unique challenges facing these young men and to examine the most effective practices for schools and communities to adopt to help close achievement gaps and foster college and career success.

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