College Completion Statistic Of The Week

Only 32.9 percent of men earn a degree in four years, while the percentage
for women is 43.8. The gap shrinks to 5.5 percentage points at the end of the
sixth year. First-generation college students earn a degree at the rate of 27.4
percent after four years, while students whose parents have college degrees
have a graduation rate of 42.1 percent. Asian American and white students had
the highest four-year graduation rates, at 44.9 percent and 42.6 percent
respectively. Degree-attainment rates remain is the highest at private
universities; the lowest numbers come from public four-year colleges. Data from
the survey shows that overall graduation rates in colleges and universities
went up by about 2.5 percent when compared to similar data from 10 years ago.

Source: Completing College: Assessing
Graduation Rates at Four-Year Institutions
 via Scott Swail

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