Completing College Certificates Progams Is Promoted In New Initiative

Five Steps for States

to Boost College Completions

with Certificate Programs

How’s Your State Doing?

Today, Complete College America officially released its new report, Certificates Count, demonstrating the value of high-quality certificate programs for student success and economic competitiveness.  We also challenged states to double their certificate production in the next five years as part of a comprehensive strategy to make America the world leader again in college attainment.

State-by-State Data:
Are enough of your state’s students earning certificates?  To find out, go here.

Take Action for More Student Success:
Complete College America has 5 top recommendations to unlock the full potential of certificates:

1. Count certificates toward state and national college attainment goals.

2. Set aggressive targets to boost certificate production.
3. Reward certificate programs of one year or more.
4. Measure labor market returns and ensure strong job alignment.
5. Focus on completion.

Read Certificates Count:
To get the full report and learn more, go here.

Together, the 24 members of our Alliance of States are setting goals, measuring progress, demanding results, and designing new approaches like ensuring certificates count to boost student success and produce more college graduates for our states and country.  We invite you to join this vital effort

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