Congress Agrees To Overhaul Job Training Act

From Jobs For The Future:
In an encouraging display of bipartisan unity, Congress has reached a long-sought agreement among key leaders to overhaul the nation’s main law overseeing federal job training programs, aiming to strengthen services and increase the ability for millions of underserved youth and adults to gain the skills and assistance they need to move into high-demand, family-supporting careers.

The proposed reauthorization of the $3 billion Workforce Investment Act emphasizes approaches with demonstrated success helping out-of school youth, low-skilled adults, dislocated workers, English language learners, people with disabilities, and others who are unemployed or whose careers are stalled in low-paying jobs.

If approved next month, the new law would emphasize industry-recognized credential attainment, training that is focused on in-demand occupations and careers, and career pathways, particularly for low-skilled youth and adults, that lead to credential attainment and good jobs. The law would also improve workers’ access to accelerated forms of training and education leading to credentials that pay off in their careers. Read more . . .

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