Connectivity Will Transform the College Classroom


The digital revolution is underway and it is having an impact on every aspect of life. It is changing the way in which we interact, work and in particular, the way that we learn. The classroom is changing, the way in which students learn is changing and the way in which lessons are taught is changing. Effectively, everything is changing because of the technology we have at our disposal.

Just ten years ago, the classroom was a different place to what it is today but the changes are still happening because technology is still evolving. Connectivity in the classroom can be looked at in many different ways such as the use of new technology to enhance learning such as Virtual Reality or even having the ability to communicate with teachers using technology such as a peak push to talk.

Driving this ever-changing landscape within the classroom is the internet. It makes it possible to learn anywhere and it makes it possible to collaborate with other, regardless of where they are located.

Online Learning

This is by no means a new idea but it still has a lot to offer the classroom. At this moment in time, lessons are still straddling the old traditional ways of teaching and a new way of teaching through online learning. However, with so many courses and learning materials available online, it could mean that classrooms are going to move away from the traditional methods used for decades. This is streamlining the learning process and is helping teachers and pupils to get the most from their time in the classroom.

The Cloud is Crucial

Teaching is moving towards the cloud and that is turning lessons into a more efficient experience for all. A common problem in schools is the speed at which pupils can access software and materials because often, the hardware is slow and outdated. As classrooms move to the cloud, it means that schools will no longer need to have local servers or software because everything will be stored in the cloud. All they will need to benefit from this is a fast internet connection.

Teachers will then be able to utilise the cloud in order to distribute work to pupils and then also collect it back in and mark it. Students will then have the ability to access their grades and any feedback that their teacher provides them with. All of this can be done via computers, smartphones or tablets. This is creating a more streamlined classroom and that in turn enables students and teachers to work harmoniously in a way that has never been seen before.

Devices Turn Any Location into a Classroom

Traditionally, lessons have been taught in a single classroom, where children and teachers spend their time but this new level of connectivity gives teachers more scope to expand the learning environment. As students have access to smartphones and tablets that are either provided by the school or brought from home, it connects the whole school. Therefore, lessons can be taken outdoors and that in itself makes it possible to keep teachers and students connected. This ability to take the classroom anywhere will make it possible to enhance get the most from the learning experience.

 Textbooks are a Thing of the Past

Textbooks are still used in the classroom but there is no real need for them any longer. As connectivity improves, pupils will be able to learn through devices that are connected, whereby they can access digital books and interactive boards. This online learning will prepare pupils for a whole new world beyond the boundaries of school. It will provide them with access to a broader range of learning materials that will enable them to excel in new ways.

Lessons Structure will Change

Historically, pupils have been fed information from their teachers but this is no longer the situation. Technology and enhanced connectivity will change the way in which lessons are structured. Pupils will become independent learners because the introduction of touch screens, interactive technology and tablets change the way in which the teacher interacts with pupils. This provides pupils with some element of control over how they find information and how they share that with teachers. This almost turns teaching on its head because improved connectivity will alter the way in which pupils understand and find information.

The Introduction of Virtual Reality

This new and exciting technology could make it possible for pupils to learn in a whole new environment. Their experience will change, enabling them to bring lessons to life in a way that connects them with their teachers. They can immerse themselves into lessons, move through different environments all of which could be lead by the teacher or pupils. This kind of learning and connectivity is new but it will enhance teaching and learning in ways that have never been seen before.

The connected world has already become a smaller place but the learning environment and experience is changing, all because of connectivity. It is still relatively new but there is no doubt that pupils and teachers can benefit from a new way of working together to improve the way in which the whole process is delivered and absorbed.

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