Federal Financial Aid Application Still Flawed

From Dan Greenstein, Gates Foundation

Students today need a postsecondary degree or credential more than ever to succeed in their careers and life. Unfortunately, for too many students the road to college completion is littered with unnecessary burdens and barriers, such as a needlessly complex financial aid process and a lack of clear information.

The current FAFSA, the application that millions of students fill out to apply for financial aid, is outdated and overly complicated. Because of this, every year nearly 2 million college students don’t receive Pell Grants that they are likely eligible for. Learn more about the problem here and stay tuned for more on how to #FixFAFSA!

In addition, students often lack the necessary information to make better decisions. The good news is that there’s progress underway. The Postsecondary Data Collaborative is suggesting improvements in data quality and transparency which, if used more widely by states and the federal government, will improve outcomes for postsecondary students, institutions, and systems.

Please visit this website to learn more about the importance of data and fixing the FAFSA.

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