Going to College in a Europe Schengen country – Things to Know


Going to college is certainly an exciting prospect, a new life chapter opening up for you. If you have decided to choose one of the Schengen countries for your university experience, the process of going to college becomes a bit more complex. Schengen refers to the zone of Europe that is known to be passport-free, being probably the most extensive free travel area across the globe. The Schengen area consists of 26 European countries, including Austria, Belgium, and Sweden. As a US citizen, there are certain legal procedures you will need to follow if you desire to study in a Schengen country. If you are not quite familiar with the topic, and don’t want to face nay inconveniences, reading these few details might help you out.

Apply for a visa early

Obtain a Visa is of course necessary, if you want to go study in a European country. Because there are certain things that need to be done, and a few complex steps to take, make sure to handle your visa application with enough time in advance, perhaps even before applying for college. You can find out all the details you need about Schengen visa for Green card holders just by searching on the internet, considering there are so many informative websites available. However, make sure you have all documents and paperwork in order and do everything by the book, to make the process as fast and inconvenience-free as possible.

Choose your country with care

Making your decision based solely on the university that has caught your interest for can be a wrong move to make. Although the university might be prestigious and might provide you with the degree possibilities you are interested in, you will need to consider the fact that you will be living in that country for quite a long period of time, so other things need to be thought through as well. Research the topic and find out if the Schengen country you are thinking of is the most welcoming for US students or if the lifestyle it provides would suit you well.

Make sure you can obtain a degree equivalence

If after the completion of your studies you plan on returning to the United States, knowing your major is valid in your country is an essential aspect.  In some situations, degrees obtained in Europe are not valid in the US, which can lead to inconveniences in terms of career choices. Regardless if you are interested in majoring in a medical flied or any other option, research the degree equivalence with care before going off to a Schengen country to study. You probably don’t want to put all your effort into your studies, and after a few years to discover you are not being able to pursue a career in your own country due to degree differences.

As you can see, there are several relevant details that need to bet thought through if you have chosen a university that is located in a Schengen country. To make sure things go as planned, and you are enable to start your studies abroad in a pleasant manner, make sure to take into account these few tips. From applying for a Schengen visa as early as possible to making sure your degree will be US valid, each one of these steps can needs to be considered. Start college on the right foot and handle these things with care.

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