How are student’s employee rights protected by law?


Working as a student can be challenging not only because you have to juggle all your numerous activities but also because many students are not familiar with their student’s employee rights. But, to feel motivated to work and feel safe in that environment, being protected by law is crucial. Luckily, just as you’re protected by law after you graduate and start working in a certain company, you are protected during your student years as well.

To help you understand and learn more about another aspect of your student job, we’ve decided to take a closer look at student’s employee rights and highlight the most critical sections of it.

Understanding your situation

From the moment you were hired to the moment you walk through the doors the last time, you always have the right to know all the details regarding your job in that company. You have the right to know your work schedule, duties, responsibilities, and other requirements your supervisor might have. Of course, this also implies that you should be treated equally as all other employees, and you deserve a fair and equal approach from your supervisor as well as your colleagues.

When you’re working in a company for a while now, you have every right to know how well you are performing either through verbal communication or performance evaluations. In case you need an explanation regarding the evaluation, your work schedule or your duties, you have the right to that as well.

Time to Act

Unfortunately, although students do have all these student’s employee rights protecting them, it doesn’t mean there aren’t people who will neglect these rights and break the law that way. Every experience always has the possibility that something terrible will happen and student jobs are not an exception. But, in case if you think that your rights are not being respected due to some reason, you shouldn’t stay still.

On the contrary, the best thing you should do is to consult a student rights employment lawyer. Such professionals can tell you more about your options and suggest ways of handling this particular situation. Just because somebody disrespected you in your workplace doesn’t mean you should do the same thing to yourself and ignore your rights. Consult a lawyer who is skilled in these situations and knows how to provide the best outcome for you. After all, you will want to have another student job, and learning how to protect yourself could help you a lot in the future.

Using jobs as references

Your student life will be probably longer than the duration of your one student job. This means you will work several student jobs until you graduate. After your first job, you will want to use it as a reference for your future employers or even credit institutions. Luckily, you have the right to use the reference, and it’s impossible for anyone to forbid you to do so. Regardless of that, you should always ensure you’re leaving on the most agreeable terms, and you’ve done your best while working in that company. That way, if your potential employer calls your previous employer, he or she will highly recommend you for this job. Not to mention that having your former employers saying nice things about you is sometimes more important than the information you have in your resume.


Your student years are one of the most beautiful experiences you will have in your life. As you’re probably working to provide yourself with everything a typical student needs, you should be aware of your student’s employee rights to ensure your life in these few years is truly remarkable.

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