How Graduating Students Can Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

By Melissa Burns

The rise of social networking has allowed individuals from all walks of life to meet new people and connect with others quickly and easily. Along with being an innovative way to socialize and make new friends, however, social networking sites have transformed the way people look for and find employment.

LinkedIn in particular has become a key social networking website that lets prospects launch and grow their careers. According to Chris Rowe, CEO of Jet Digital Marketing in Salt Lake City, “Social networks like LinkedIn are great resources for getting in front of perspective employers. We have connected to many skilled people through social networking.” These tips for using LinkedIn can help you find new employment or discover professional opportunities.

Use Professional Profile Images and Language

Just as you would set up a profile on Facebook or Twitter, you also should create an engaging and professional profile for LinkedIn. Unlike other social networking sites, however, this website is not the place to be whimsical or even comical.

Rather, you should use a professional picture for your profile and also utilize upbeat, yet professional language when describing yourself and your career goals. When you avoid slang, profanity, poor grammar, and other sloppy writing techniques, you put your proverbial best foot forward to impress contacts and possible employers.

Target and Follow Prospective Employers

When you join LinkedIn, you should have a list of companies that you wish to target for your job search. After you decide for what companies you would possibly like to work, you should then follow them on this site.

By following them, you put yourself on their employment radar. You also discover what kind of employees they are looking for, what kinds of positions they have coming open, what salaries and benefits packages may come with your would-be position, and other information that can be handy to know prior to the interview.

Build a Solid First Network

LinkedIn encourages users like you to build and expand networks by connecting with people with whom you have worked and know. Your network with these individuals then can expand into their networks, letting you connect with people from different industries and professional levels.

It is critical that you take care to build this first network so that your expanded connections do in fact lead you to companies and employers that could help you further your career. Your network is a reflection of your job search and talents, which is why you should cultivate it carefully and only associate with people whose interests and professionalism align with yours.

Use the Job Search Function

Of course, along with building a solid profile and network, you can also find prospective jobs by using the site’s job search function found on the homepage. You can look for new positions in your own location or in any city across the country or globe.

You can also narrow your search based on criteria that is important to you. For example, you can use the advanced search function to find employment that fits a certain salary range, skill level, or job title. This function saves you the time of having to vet each position and instead focus on jobs that are truly of interest to you.

Commit to Your Profile

Because people use this site for professional purposes, your commitment to your profile is important. When you are serious about finding a job or furthering your career, you should avoid letting your profile become stagnant and outdated.

By keeping your information updated and using the site regularly, you show that you are actively engaged in the job market and that you are a valid candidate for a new position. Your commitment also allows you to keep connecting to new users who may become valuable allies in your bid to grow your career.

Social networking has changed the way that job seekers and potential employers find and connect with each other. When you want to expand your career and find new and exciting prospects both at home and anywhere else in the world, you can use these strategies and join the social media website LinkedIn.

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Melissa Burns graduated from the faculty of Journalism of Iowa State University in 2008.  Nowadays she is an entrepreneur and independent journalist. Her sphere of interests includes startups, information technologies and how these ones may be implemented in the sphere of education. You may contact Melissa via

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