How The Internet Can Get Students Engaged In College Writing

By Julie Petersen

 The Internet now provides an endless sea of information and opportunities for students. They are able to participate in better writing and more informed reading. And for many students, the Internet is providing solutions to many of their learning woes.

Not every student will turn out to be a professional writer. However, every student benefits from forming proper writing skills. They are imperative to success and future opportunities. And for many college students making it through the writing process can be a struggle.

There are various ways accessing the Internet can aid in engaging students in their writing. Many sources offer study guides and essay writing assistance. And others provide games, interactive learning challenges and supported reading information.

The more knowledge a student has, the better equipped they will be for success. And the World Wide Web is providing plenty of educational tools for support.


  1. Hippocampus

This video library is a great place for students to go when they need a reading or study break. College students can use the educational videos for research or to review information, as well as to begin plotting their assignment structure.


  1. Shmoop

Shmoop makes learning more fun with their literary activities. They will engage college students in various topics and also provide standardized test and study help. It’s a great source for any college student looking to spice up their study regime.


  1. Pinkmonkey

The Pinkmonkey site includes printable documents, study guides and digital libraries. It is currently the world’s largest free online library of literary summaries. And it is one of the best places for students to find inspiration and essay writing support.


  1. Essaymama

This professional writing service is composed of certified professionals. They can assist students with structure and punctuation or spelling advice. And they provide easy access to essay writing guides, free writing contests and a blog full of inspiration.


  1. Quill

Quill is a great way for students to practice their writing skills and for them to constantly review and improve their abilities. The site includes various grammar exercises and engaging writing activities for college aged students.


  1. Bookrags

The Bookrags site gives students access to over 6,000 guides, 22,000 essays and tons of other useful study materials. It’s an efficient place for research and a smart way to find examples that support or assist any writing issue.


  1. NovelGuide

This website allows users to read summaries or “cliffs note” type references of literary works. Students will be able to review synopsis and analytical notes as well as reports and videos to help study any piece of writing. The site in essential for any English lit course or essay writing assignment.


  1. Gutenberg

Gutenberg is an excellent site that allows users to access free reading material. Students and individuals can download over 46,000 eBooks (available in txt or epub format), and the easy to navigate database makes the process quick, informative and super helpful.



Whenever students are getting bored or find their minds wondering, they should turn to The site offers various interesting educational and instructional videos that are provided by top-notch professional educators. Listen, watch and learn to create new inspiration and engagement in assignments.

No matter what type of student, or what class, everyone needs to be able to work on his or her writing abilities. Almost any profession today involves some form of writing. And college students must be able to maintain focus while properly practicing their skills.

The sites listed will help students to form better writing processes and to facilitate their own education. In such a digital world it’s important to use what technology is providing to increase success rates.

The Internet makes communication faster and easier and in turn creates a wonderful new world for college assignments. Students should feel more supported than ever before. And they should never be afraid to seek help. Try these ideas and take note as your writing skills are drastically enhanced.

Author’s bio:

Julie Petersen is a private English language tutor and a content marketing specialist. She is the author of (essay review blog), and a contributor to such websites as FreelanceWrite.About,,, etc. Contact Julie on Linkedin.