How to achieve your grades using the Feynman Technique


There’s a good chance you’re reading this in the last few days before your college exams. Most students leave their studies for the very last moment, so it’s no surprise they want to learn faster.

One of the best techniques to learn a lot of material quickly is known as the Feynman technique. Named after teacher, scientist, and physicist  Richard Feynman, this technique promises to unlock your potential for grasping new concepts at college. Here’s what you need to know:

The Basics

The Feynman technique is based on the student’s ability to understand a concept by teaching it to others. It’s based on the theory that to be able to teach something you need to understand it fully first. If you’re tasked with taking a class on a subject you’ll be more focused on getting the concept right. For example, you can’t explain all the nitty gritty details of sports journalism if you haven’t attentively studied it all yourself.

The basic Feynman technique plays out in four easy steps:


Step 1. Write down the topic

The most basic step is to write down the specific topic or theory that you need to revise. This could be anything from the theory of relativity to the concept of hyperinflation. Just write down the topic title and move onto the next step.


Step 2. Explain the concept in easy terms

Step 2 is where you’ll be spending the most time. Pretend you’re teaching someone the concept. Assume this imaginary person has no idea what you’re talking about and knows very little about the subject. Write down every little detail, draw diagrams, and read out the formulas. Make this step as detailed as possible. For the technique to work, you need to be able to clearly explain the concept in simple English. Avoid jargon and unwieldy words.


Step 3. Identify problem areas.

Once you’ve explained the topic and written all the finer details down on a piece of paper, take the time to analyze it. Search for words, phrases or concepts that you didn’t remember or weren’t able to explain. Look for formulas you have trouble understanding.



Step 4. Pinpoint problem terms and phrases.

Finally, go back to your notes and read through the phrases and concepts you couldn’t explain. Try to be more attentive this time and pretend as if you have another class on the subject shortly.

Repeat this process till you finally crack the subject.

Why not give the Feynman technique a try today? It is a simple and yet incredibly effective study tool. It’s a psychological trick that makes you more attentive and pushes your studies into high gear. This technique is one of the best techniques to use if you’re trying to master a topic quickly.

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