How to Immortalize Your College Memories


Some people will certainly say that the best way to keep your college memories is to make the most of your years at college and thus make sure they are memorable. However, when you leave your alma mater for good, it is pleasant to have some mementoes that will remind you of all the good and bad times you had there when you so much as look at it. Here are a few recommendations.

1.    T-Shirt Prints

Make a photo with all your best college friends and order a t-shirt printed for all of them. This way you will be reminded of them all every time you open your wardrobe – and who knows, perhaps it will encourage you to stay in touch for longer than is usually the case. There are a lot of firms and services like Blankstyle that are ready to sell you t-shirts with customized prints, taking all the fuss out of the proceedings.

2.    Photo Album

What can be better than a good old photo album? Of course, people nowadays are more likely to keep their photos in digital form, but it just makes creating an old-fashioned physical photo album all the more special. Admittedly, these things have an unpleasant tendency to get lost somewhere in a bottom drawer beneath the piles of old papers and other unrecognizable stuff – but nothing beats a sudden flood of nostalgia you experience every time you stumble upon it when looking for something else.

3.    Commemorative Mug

If you are looking for something that you would deal with a little more often than with a photo album but which would be a bit more sturdy than a t-shirt, commemorative mugs and other similar trinkets are at your service. There is nothing to better remind you of all the pints of coffee you ingested when at college than the coffee mug you drink from every morning. Better yet if you get one for every one of your friends as well.

4.    Scrapbook

Why not take a bit more creative approach and make a scrapbook? Take all the most characteristic photos you have, not only of people, but also of dorms, campus buildings, local landmarks and hangouts, embellish it with college stamps, stickers and suchlike, add some additional thematic decorations – and voila, you haven’t just fixed some of your memories on paper but made it in a highly individualized and customized form. This one will awaken pleasant memories many years from now.

5.    Mobile Phone Cover

If you want your college memories to always be at hand (literally), then why not combine it with an object that most of us always keep within reach? Customized mobile phone covers can be easily ordered from numerous online and offline services, and you won’t have any trouble creating your own design.

As you may see, with a little bit of ingenuity you can immortalize your college memories in many different ways – and we haven’t even scratched the surface of the iceberg here. Your possibilities are only limited by your own fantasy.

Author’s bio:

Oksana is a  student of English literature department and a freelance journalist. As a current student she is interested in trends in education and she would like to share her experience with community.