How To Organize Dorm Space To Maximize Productivity

November 2nd, 2017


Switching your bedroom with a dorm room is a life-changing experience. Rooms at dorms are usually smaller than students’ bedrooms at home, and on top of that, they often have to share it with a roommate. A dorm room is a room where you sleep, live, and study. For many students, this change can affect productivity because they are unable to find a way to organize this limited space. If you are one of them, you should know that many tips can help you organize the area around you and boost your productivity. Let’s have a look on some of hacks.


  1. Keep everything clean

When you are living in a dorm room, cleaning this area is your responsibility. Many students forget about it and leave food leftovers and other things all around the room. This doesn’t only affect your productivity, but it can also force you to call pest control services after some time. Remember to keep every food sealed. You can use bags with zippers and sealable containers for this purpose.


  1. Organize your desk

Get prepared to spend a lot of time next to your desk while in college. This is a place for you to study. The best idea is only to keep things that are closely related to the studying process, like relevant documents, work materials, scripts, books and your laptop. If you want to stay well-organized, you should also use a calendar or an organizer, especially if you study and work at the same time.


  1. Bring more light

While it’s true that you can’t change the primary lighting in your dorm room, you can always bring lamps and other mobile lighting products. Proper lighting is essential for studying, and it will positively affect your productivity in the dorm room. In this way, you can ensure that your roommate is not disturbed while you are studying and he (or she) is sleeping or resting. Keeping light that is focused only on your desk will eliminate the distractions around you.


  1. Take care of the air

Indoor air quality affects not only your productivity but your health too. Students tend to stay in their dorm rooms for long. If you want to increase productivity, you should open windows more often and let the fresh air enter your room. During warm seasons a good idea would be to go and study outside. This trick will help not only with air circulation inside your room (as you can leave a window opened while going out) but with fighting writer’s blocks and procrastination.


  1. Use shelves

As previously mentioned, most dorm rooms are relatively small which leads to cluttering. As a result, a constant lack of place occurs and creates a huge mess all around. In cases like this, use the wall’s space. For example, place some shelves on the walls. They are a perfect storage that makes your room look less messy. Organize shelves for your books, belongings, cosmetics and other staff.

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