How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking at College


All over the world, public speaking is the most reputed and accepted co-curricular activity. In every educational institution, it is supported as a co-curricular activity. Most other activities are merely accepted by the institutions but public speaking is something else. Just because this activity will help you to improve your self-esteem and institutional performance.

By mastering public speaking, you can do many things –

  • Give better presentation
  • Make understandable speeches
  • Prove your logics to fellow students and teachers
  • Communicate with everyone

However, the first step in achieving all these things would be to overcome your fear of public speaking.

Ways to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Not everyone is able to give perfect public speeches. Some can do it, and most have fear of it. There are many ways to overcome this fear.

This is a matter of practice at first. But there are many influential activities that will help you to build up the confidence to overcome the fear. It’s actually not the fear that someone feels but rather a lack of confidence. So, to beat the fear of public speaking and boost your college performances you have to build up confidence first. The fear of public speaking is called Glossophobia and you are not the only one who suffers from it.

Always try to speak up in the class

Speaking up in the class with the teacher helps a lot to build up confidence. Always try to stand up and communicate with the teacher. This way, you can easily gain a solution to the problem you or the class is facing and you can also overcome the fear of speaking in front of a lot of people.

Practicing In front of The Mirror

This is a very important practice. Great public speakers, at the beginning of their careers, have tried it at least once in their life. They have said that if you can face yourself while speaking, you can face thousands of other people. Because the fear you’re having is within yourself. So if you can face yourself, you won’t be afraid to face a lot of other people undeniably.

Become an English Tutor

Becoming an English tutor is another good thing you can do. If you become an English tutor, you can easily overcome the fear of public speaking. As an English tutor, you will have to become fluent in presentations, in giving speeches, in communicating with people. Also, teaching English will extend your own vocabulary and by using sophisticated words you will feel more knowledgeable, thus boosting your confidence. While an English tutor is teaching his/her students, he can easily learn the tactics of communication and make the students understand whatever he or she wants to say. The exact same skills can and should be applied in public speaking.


There are many other ways in which you can overcome the fear of stage or the fear of public speaking in front of a lot of people. You have to be relaxed in front of them. To be relaxed and patient and calm, you count the seats to keep the adrenaline flow go slower, or you can breathe to keep your muscles relaxed. Also, pausing frequently, while giving a speech will help you relax and choose the correct words, without sounding awkward.

However, to be honest, these are not permanent solutions. You must find out a permanent solution for a problem like this that works best for you. Because if severe, this can cause panic attacks or even heart attacks. Eventually, with a lot of practice and experience, you will completely eliminate your fear of public speaking.

Ethan Dunwill is a business consultant and contributing blogger for several websites, who currently works as a freelncer. He believes that education is the most important part of any developed society and always eager to share his experience. You can talk to Ethan via Twitter.



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