How To Progress Towards Your Career While in College


Developing your career is certainly one of the most important thing you have to think about as a college student. That being said, coming up with an effective plan is often difficult. However, with these simple steps you can find your path and enjoy your career to the fullest.

Know your values

You might value loyalty, balance and enjoyment. Learning and development might be the key too, which is why you should look for companies that actually offer you these opportunities. Ask about these things and how important they are to the company you are going to work for.

Flexibility should be a priority

We, as the younger generations recognize the importance of balance better than our older counterparts. This is where flexibility is very important. It is crucial that employers have respect for the pace and abilities of employees, in order to develop a working environment that you actually want to be in. Look for employers that allow your voice in when deciding deadlines so that both of you can be happy, with the option of working from home available. Office hours are not a great signifier of how much worth you can contribute to the business. Instead, look for companies that look at the quality of work you produce. They should give constructive feedback instead of reacting negatively to mistakes. This enables seeing solutions better.

Educating about holding yourself accountable

“Within a workplace, everyone contributes. So, everyone is capable of making mistakes. You need to learn to hold yourself accountable and it will make you feel more engaged with the work. If you take ownership of your work, it becomes more meaningful to you and enables the want to improve,” says Ellen Kadis. Continuously use the feedback to improve.


This allows a baseline for you to want to achieve. If there isn’t a clear goal set by expectations, then you can tend to feel disengaged with your work. Direction is lacking and morale decreases. With set expectations, you can self-assess whether they are doing a good job or not, and rectify mistakes.

“look for employments that offer leadership trainings and set high expectations for you. The best places to work in are the places that support your success,” explains Oliver Gillis.

Allowing mobility

Professional development is very important for job satisfaction (Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Report, 2016). Mobility programs are great at keeping workers from looking elsewhere for work because it promises them the ability to climb through their career path. Otherwise, you will probably have a lack of commitment to the vision of the business. These programs enable better team understanding and talent recognition.

The most important thing is to find the career where your talents and skills are respected and valued, an organization that will nurture you rather than exploit you and of course, work that will offer you balance and allow you to have a life that you want.














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