Ideas To Improve College Science Teaching And Learning


Thanks to the advancements brought about by modern science and technology, we are living in the future! From smartphones to high end medical gadgets to space exploration to robotics, the entire world is witnessing a revolution of scientific breakthroughs. In this ethos of constant and ground-breaking developments, it’s imperative that we work extra hard to improve the education system to make science more palatable for our next generation.

Introducing interactive classroom teaching

When it comes it science it’s time that we realize science simply cannot be taught out of just a textbook! It is a vibrant and exciting subject which needs much more than monotonous lectures and exams. This is where modern technology can come to rescue. With the help of various interactive and engaging e-learning tools classroom sessions can be made way more interesting and exciting for both students and teachers. With the integration of technology lessons can be imparted more effectively. Moreover, it is not possible to demonstrate various concepts and experiments owing to the lack of equipment or practicality which can be viewed using technology, thus, giving the students a real feel of the subject.

Practical along with theoretical lessons

Those theory classes can get incredibly boring. Poring over a textbook trying to understand complex circuits or carbon structures can make science seem like an excruciatingly difficult subject. Therefore, it is important to lay adequate stress on practical classes and laboratory sessions which improve the learning experience of students. Be it a simple identification of the structures of a leaf to complex chemical reactions to the construction of a simple motor, everything can be learned in a more effective manner if the students are given the opportunity to experience and experiment with these concepts first hand.

Science camps

Schools should organise science camps and fairs which demonstrate exciting experiments and projects in order to make science fun and approachable for kids. Science is often viewed as something quite difficult, serious and definitely not easy. It is important to break these stereotypes to get more and more young boys and girls interested to study, love and actively participate in science. We need to get this generation of children excited about science the way scientists like Bill Nye did in their times. It is important to encourage the pursuit of science outside the curriculum so that students can explore and appreciate the magic of science.

Encouragement to pursue beyond syllabus

What is often lacking from our academic system is that students are so bound to exams and grades their curiosity is often curbed. If a student walks up to their science teacher and wants to talk about anything outside the syllabus be it the clamp on flow meter or advanced Nano technology, it is important that teachers should try to encourage the quest for knowledge in every way possible! If the teachers are not qualified enough to give adequate support on that particular topic, they can refer the student to someone or some material which can satiate their curiosity, which can be of immense help in the advancement of science.

Science is the step stool to a more advanced future. With each moment we see better and more revolutionary scientific researches and revolutionary developments in technology which are committed to making the quality of life better. This makes it important that we work on our education system in order to get younger minds to explore and understand science better. This will help us raise a generation of relentless and challenging scientific minds.

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