Increase Your Focus While Studying With These 3 Actions

By Kari Oakley

Studying means have focused attention for the task, but it seems that distractions abound to divert our concentration. Knowing a final exam is coming up, but finding your attention and focus diverted because of social media, random thoughts, stress, anxiety, or even daydreaming, can be frustrating. Here are some hacks to help sharpen your focus and get your studying done.


1. Proper Nutrition

There are many foods available which enhance concentrations. Some studies show that snacking on walnuts may bring your grade up. Walnuts are also credited with improved information processing, concentration, and memory.


Another food that will help improve cognitive skills are avocados. A higher level of lutein levels in the brain due to avocado consumption assist with focus, information processing ability, and fact retention.


Some other focus-friendly foods are eggs, flax seeds, fish, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, blueberries, and thankfully, dark chocolate.

Besides targeting cognitive skills with specific foods, it is also helpful to maintain a healthy overall diet. Eating as clean as possible is advised. Watch labels carefully for what is put in your food. Search out food that is not processed and has healthy additives. For example, using a food that has carrageenan is a healthy choice because it is used to enhance your food without any negative impacts on your health. Bad additives, such as hydrogenated oils, which are linked to heart disease, can have an adverse effect on your overall health.


2. Get Up and Move

Studies have shown that good physical health can improve your mental acuity. Exercising can improve your concentration and focus.

Try working out for 20 minutes to a half out before you enter into an intense study session. Improving blood flow to your brain will promote better concentration and retention. Exercise also releases endorphins which calm your brain of anxiety. This will help you to be less stressed, and able to focus on studying.

You don’t have to engage in a high impact exercise to reap the benefits. There are many enjoyable activities to engage in before studying such as biking, walking, yoga, or swimming. Low impact exercises done for 20 to 30 minutes reap the same boost in attention, focus, and cognitive abilities while studying.

Another exercise, or movement to do every so often is to wiggle your toes. In this day and age of constant updates on our devices from work or social media, our brains and bodies are used to a certain level of excitement. To help promote that without the distraction of the internet, frantically wiggle your toes to help refocus your brain when your mind starts to wander.


3. Tailor Your Environment

Depending on where you are, you may have full or partial control over your study environment. Even with partial control, there are steps you can take to make your study space conducive to focus and retention.

One aspect of your environment you can control is what you are listening to. Research shows that studying while listening to classical music may boost your productivity. It can also boost your mood, and may even improve accuracy and efficiency.

Another focus-friendly sound is the sound of nature. If classical music puts you to sleep instead of sharpening your focus, try some natural sounds. Studies have shown that these sounds also help with concentration and cognitive abilities.

On the theme of nature, it doesn’t hurt to add some greenery to your study area. Some studies have shown that having plants in a study and workspaces have enriched attitudes, which in turn, increased cognitive abilities, focus, and efficiency.

Finding a place for study can sometimes be a challenge. Maybe you study best in a quiet library. Or perhaps you study better in a coffee shop where your brain processes the din of customers chatting as white noise. Wherever you study, make sure it is optimal for promoting focus and concentration.

ari Oakley is a fitness trainer from Kenosha Wisconsin. She now lives in downtown Chicago, and loves to get out. She is a big fan of anything adventure, and loves getting a workout in the outdoors.

Kari Oakley is a fitness trainer from Kenosha Wisconsin. She now lives in downtown Chicago, and loves to get out. She is a big fan of anything adventure, and loves getting a workout in the outdoors.


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