Job Market For IT Students: Finding Web Design & Development Jobs


 It’s no surprise the website design and development are flourishing job markets currently. According to the United States Department of Labor, the field is growing by 15 percent each year since 2016 — which is faster than average.

And that makes sense, considering the increasingly stronger emphasis on online businesses. Global e-commerce sales are projected to reach $4.5 trillion by the year 2021. That’s more than a 246 percent increase.

What’s more, 71 percent of small businesses understand the importance of having a professional website. This proves the importance of a digital presence and demonstrates that the need for website designers and developers exists.

 Ultimately, website designers and web developers score great jobs — whether they are agency-related, in-house roles or freelance opportunities — because they continually hone their skills and learn the latest trends.

One of the best tricks an aspiring web designer can employ is practice, practice, practice. Whether they’ve been in the industry for 5 minutes or 25 years, top designers are always creating.

So, if you’re also hoping to break into this arena, take the time to build your portfolio — even if they’re just mock websites. Play with new techniques, create faux website redesigns, and ensure you are continually building upon your skills.

In addition to constant practice, the best designers and developers are always learning about the latest trends. There are tons of websites that compile the best website and app designs, complete with analyses of each element and case study-like insights into its effectiveness.

Plus, new trends, techniques, strategies, coding languages, and hosting platform are always emerging. The top experts learn these tactics before they are mainstream, and know how to incorporate them into their projects from the get-go.

Great web designers and developers also learn how every design element, strategy, layout and placement can influence conversions and website traffic — and by understanding this, they can better ensure the success of their client’s brands.

Finally, search for inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Design is a creative industry and combines visual beauty with strategic information to captivate consumers and achieve a specific business growth goal. Professionals who are always on the lookout for how they can improve will ensure their client’s business improve simultaneously.

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