Making Money During College Years – Is It That Difficult?


College can be challenging, especially when it comes to money. From the beginning of your adventure to the last semester of your college years, struggling with financial matters can make your life difficult. Being a college student isn’t cheap and keeping up with a certain lifestyle rapidly adds up to your monthly expenses. The good news is that you can start making money from college, and it isn’t that difficult as many make it sound. In fact, there are many opportunities to enjoy on-campus. It would be a shame not to profit from them, really.

Tutoring is always a good idea

Tutoring is a great way to make a living while you’re still in college. Students on campus will always need guidance and support with their academics, which is a big plus for you. So, if you excel at one of your courses, start spreading the word around your campus. Interested students will shortly pop up and ask for your help. The best part is that tutoring fees are really advantageous. The average fee per hour revolves somewhere around $18. This money will come as a huge help when it comes to boosting your income. However, make sure you have a good invoicing system in place to help you avoid any tax issues. Invest in a tool that will help you generate invoices. There are plenty of tools that offer invoice templates, and some can even be customized depending on your needs.

Resident advisor

Maybe the easiest ways to make a living on campus is becoming a resident advisor. This will most likely help you save a lot. Generally, resident advisors receive free or discounted housing, meal discounts and so on. In the big picture, this is a huge plus. Because on-campus housing prices can reach even $16,000 per year, this will come as a huge advantage.

Become a research assistant to build a strong career

If you enjoy research and you have a highly analytical mind, you could become a research assistant and start building a successful career during your college years. Such positions also pay well, which will help you live more comfortably. This opportunity will allow you to get some experience and more insights in your field of interest.

If time management is your main concern, you will most probably find a position that fits perfectly into your schedule. The annual salary for research assistant can go as high as $30,000 per year.

Work for your campus security department

Your campus security department most likely needs a little help. These positions pay a decent amount of money, and you will get the chance to never leave your campus. This way, you’ll save money on transportation and you’ll never be late to your courses. For many students, this is a big perk when it comes to convenience. You can make somewhere around $15 per hour as an on-campus security employee, but you can also search for bouncer positions at neighbouring businesses.

The campus IT department is another good option

All college students will need help with their personal computers or laptops, one time or another. If you have the skill and knowledge, you can work as an on-campus IT specialist. You will find a ton of similar jobs. This is a great way to get some additional financial support during your college years. Plus, it will help you gain generous experience in the field before college ends. As an IT professional, you will make somewhere around $15 per hour. This is a flexible job that will allow you to also attend your courses. These professionals usually set availability time when others can find them.

Rent your off-campus apartment through Airbnb

If you’re one of the lucky students that have an off-campus apartment, you can make great use of it by renting it during your summer break. Airbnb is an amazing platform where you can post your apartment. At the end of your summer break, you will have a generous amount of money waiting for you. Depending on the number of bedrooms your apartment has, you can generate some extra cash.

Write resumes

Although all students should have this skill, many still need improvement when it comes to writing their resumes. But luckily for you, this could bring you somewhere around $15 and $20 per hour. In some cases, you will end up making well over $100 per resume. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in writing resumes, you can still do your research in advance and try your luck. You can even find resume templates that will help you in the process.

Use the ideas above to make the best use of your college years. These can jumpstart your career and help you supplement your income. You don’t have to live on a shoestring budget as a student, so try these out.

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