Males Lag Far Behind Females In Ca. College Attainment

Young women of all ethnic groups have higher levels of educational attainment than their male counterparts and yet, Latina and Black women still lag far behind White and Asian/Pacific Islander women in college preparation and graduation rates. These statistics are unacceptable. We have to do something about it.

Did you know…

  • An average of one Latino and Black man graduates from the CSU for every two Latina and Black women?
  • For every 100 black women who graduate from the UC, only 46 men do so?
  • Only 329 Black men and 728 Black women graduated from the entire CSU system in 2011 from the original 2005 entering cohort of 3,008 Black men and women?
  • Only 198 Black men and 430 Black women graduated from the entire UC system in 2011 from the original 2005 entering cohort of 895?
  • The gap in college enrollment among Latino men and Latina women has grown wider since 1994?

California must address the growing inequity in college enrollment and degree completion, across both race and gender.  This is not just a problem for men, or Blacks or Latinos; this imbalance affects all Californians.  We all benefit when all of our young people have access to a college education and the tools to succeed and make our economy stronger. Let’s work together in the new year so we can finally stop talking about these gaps.



Michele Siqueiros

Executive Director


This analysis is an addendum to the Campaign for College Opportunity reports on The State of Latinos in Higher Education in California and The State of Blacks in Higher Education in California – we recommend reviewing this addendum in conjunction with those earlier reports. 



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