Narrative Essay:How to Find a Good Example

April 2nd, 2018


A good narrative essay example will benefit you a lot. Though you can get professional assistance from homework helping websites, there is no harm in gaining more knowledge. Narrative essays are not only about summing things up for readers. You have to innovatively present your personal experience and allow readers to come up with their conclusions after evaluating the paper. In this post, we will examine creative ways to find good narrative essay examples with ease. Read on!

  1. Your school

 Whether you are in college or high school, you can get good narrative examples samples from your school. The activities going on in your school, teachers, and students can present you with tons of inspiration. Evaluate what you like and dislike about them; feelings you get from colleagues or friends in your class.

One place to find good narrative essay examples, is on websites of prominent schools; universities in particular. Most of these top-tier universities upload samples and stories of real writers to help promote their work on regular basis. So you can take advantage of that.



  1. Teachers

 If you are not close to your teachers, you better have a change of mind. Your teachers have read far, so they know what writing a good narrative essay entails. Teachers are always interested to help and guide students who are willing to learn. And making an effort to seek help gives them the impression that you are a hardworking student that wants to succeed.

If you cannot lay hands on good narrative essay samples, ask your teacher to guide you. Even if he or she cannot write a sample to guide you, their instructions will.



  1. Fellow student

You can get help on narrative essay writing from a fellow student. It could be a student from your class or someone ahead of you. You can even read their work to understand how to write yours. Ask for explanations if you find anything you do not understand.



  1. Books

Books can inspire you to draft a perfect narrative essay. Interestingly, most of these books have tons of inspiring stories and instructions on narrative essay writing. Concentrate more on books written by famous authors, not just any random book you find on the internet or school library. Learn how they picked their choice of words, grammar and writing style. Note that your essay must engage your readers or graders to earn good marks. So take note of this while reading through various samples to understand the flow of the paper.


  1. Your home & neighbourhood

Every home is unique, and interestingly, yours can serve as an inspiration for your essay. Find out the strengths and weaknesses, achievements and failures in your home. It could be about your siblings or close relatives.

Your neighborhood can also fetch you some good examples. Assess the traits of people living there; if the neighborhood is safe or not. Do you want things to change or like the way they are? Just take the time to analyze things and you will find a couple of inspiring stories to work with.


  1. News Channels

New channels whether online or newspaper can provide you with great examples. Watch the primetime news, for example, and you will discover different dramas and stories about things happening around the world. These stories can be about an individual or a group of people. But can help you write an engaging essay.

Find and read different newspapers to get stories, passage or an article that can provide the kind of insight you need. You can even decide to extract a piece you find interesting to serve as an inspiration to you.


  1. Your country

A lot of drama happens around different states in your country that can serve as a good example for your essay. Some you may find in newspapers or online new channels or visit the scene yourself to get firsthand information if you are close. Stories of how your government is tackling corruption, insecurity, and economic policies can serve as an inspiring story for your essay too.


If you are finding it hard to draft a narrative essay, you can rely on samples for inspiration and knowledge. There are many ways to get samples for your paper; you can ask for professional help, conduct online research or draw inspiration from personal experiences. We have highlighted some of the ways to get good samples for your paper. So read and take action to draft quality essay that will captivate the grader and attract good marks.


Sydney Whitman is an academic coach and combines her daily job with content writing for a range of educational websites. She believes that educated youth is the only way to achieve peace and welfare in out world.  Connect with her on Twitter or G+.

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