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  Yes, you made the transfer to a new location with new features. Since I started the blog over 2 years ago this entire domain of transition to broad access colleges and universities has grown exponentially.  This blog focuses on the 80% of students and 85% of colleges that are open enrollment , or accept all qualified students. Initiatives and reports abound.  There were three incisive and comprehensive reports last week alone.

 Robin Chait and Andrea Venezia-Improving Academic Preparation for College: What We Know and How Federal and State Policy Can Help, Center For American Progress

Bridging The Gap, New Amerca Foundation

Barriers to College Attainment:Lessons From Chicago, Consortium on Chicago School Research

  All of these are useful additons and stress the problems of college prep and sucess go beyond just academic attainment ,and include a college going culture in secondary schools and finacial aid. Students must make good college choices and follow up and apply/enroll at colleges.

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