Preparing for Graduation – Steps all Undergraduates Should Take

August 30th, 2018


While graduation is a time of celebration, many students also struggle with confusion and uncertainty. Which are the following steps they should take for their formal education or career? Many are still clueless about how to approach their lives and careers after this period of their lives

To make their lives easier and offer a little guidance, below are some tips that will help college students properly prepare for their graduation and future career.

Visit Your School’s Career Service Office

After graduation, many students think of their career; what jobs should they seek and how to prepare for interviews to boost their employment chances. Besides guidance, the Career Office at your Uni will be able to help you find a part-time job or even an internship, depending on your degree specialization. Besides, the counsellors here will be able to help you with your cover letter, resume, portfolio and whatever other documentation is necessary for your first job.

With the counselor’s help, make sure to prepare your resume with a full history of your experience, the projects you participated in and skills you obtained through all your formal education years.

Make sure to adapt all cover letters for each job that you apply for. This will make it look professional and that you put the necessary efforts into it. However, the Career Office will be able to help you prepare the base of your cover letter. From that, you will be able to add or subtract other information, depending on the position you apply for.

Get your References

For a bright future career, you should get the right references from the right people. In most of the cases, a great reference makes the big difference between getting a job or not. If you were brilliant at a certain course, ask the course professor to write you a recommendation. If you followed an internship, ask your internship supervisor for one.

Prepare for Graduate School

If you don’t want to start searching for a job right away and you would rather focus on your formal education, make sure to search for the perfect school for your own needs. If you found one, have you properly prepared for all the admission tests? If not, you should start searching for some GMAT Prep courses, as well as GRE. Depending you’re the school of your choice, there might be necessary some other graduate level exams.

Know How Much You Owe in Student Debts

In most of the cases, the first payment of your student loan is after graduation, within six months. You should start figuring out right now how much you owe your debtor so you won’t have any surprises. And most importantly, don’t ignore your loan debtor’s correspondence.

Some of these pieces of advice will help undergraduate students accommodate better to the context after your graduation. Make sure to find a mentor as well. They will help you with pieces of advice and help you choose a viable career path for your own abilities and skills.

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