Self Storage Basics for College Students

By Oksana Sbitneva

As fall semester approaches it is time to get your self storage in order. After all, you don’t want to get stuck without somewhere to store your belongings. As a college student you’ll need self storage for those out of season items that won’t fit in your dorm or apartment. Also, when you go home for holidays and between semesters, or when traveling abroad, you’ll want somewhere secure to store your stuff. Before you choose your self storage unit, check out these helpful tips.

Choose the Right Self Storage Facility

Every self storage facility is not the same. Some facilities offer climate-controlled units, while other facilities provide drive-in units. Before you make your choice, consider your storage needs. If you are storing items in a climate with fluctuation temperatures opt for climate-controlled storage as discussed by Apartment Therapy. A drive-in unit may be preferable if you have larger items, such as furniture or a desk. Consider the items you want to store as you decide on the right self storage facility for your needs.

Look for Storage Units in Safe Areas

Once you identify the right type of storage facility look at the location. A cheap storage unit in a shady neighborhood is a risk you should never take. Storage units are used to contain items of value, which places them at risk for robberies. Even if you go to your storage unit in the middle of the day, if the unit is in a dangerous area you are putting yourself at risk for danger. Avoid this by choosing a storage unit in a safe neighborhood. Do your research regarding the neighborhood before you make a decision. You can use City Data to find out about the crime rates for any community in the US.

Choose the Right Size for Your Stuff

As you select a storage unit take note of the amount of items you will be storing. You are paying for every square foot of storage space, so you want to be as efficient as possible. Begin by measuring the larger items along with the dimensions and counts of any boxes or storage containers. Leave some space for extra storage; after all, you are likely to accumulate more stuff during your semesters at college. Another thing to consider is stackability. Which items will stack together, and which ones are too heavy or fragile to stack? Another thing to consider is sharing storage space with your college roommate. If you are going to room with someone, you may be able to split the storage costs if your roommate is interested in storage as well. Talk to your new roomie before you book a storage unit to see if you can consolidate space and expense.

Book Your Self Storage Unit Early

You aren’t the first, or last, college student searching for self storage units. So to avoid being the one left without a unit, start your search as early as possible. But don’t stop there. Once you have found a storage unit that fits your needs and is in a safe neighborhood go ahead and book it. This will grant you the peace of mind of knowing that this part of your moving process is all wrapped up. As soon as you have booked your self storage unit take a second look at the unit to make sure it’s what you expected. As long as you are using a storage unit through a reputable business you will be good to go.

Setting yourself up for success in college involves far more than studying for exams. College life is a practice in life skills and adulthood. Part of this process is choosing a place to store your belongings. If you follow this guide you will be set for success in self storage units for college students. The peace of mind you will find when storing your stuff safely in a top rated storage facility will allow you to focus on your studies.

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