Should Public Colleges Be Held To Same Gainful Employment Standard As For-Profit Colleges?

   The Obama administration proposes to regulate for profit colleges by using a gainful employment standard that that shows students will make enough money with their degrees to pay back their loans. Profit colleges have been accused of encouraging low income students to take large loans, and then provides the students with degrees that are low quality and not adeqaute to get a job. These charges have been verified in some cases.

 But many public and non profit colleges have very low graduation rates, encouage large loans, and  provide dubious credentials in career/tech programs. Why should the gainful employment standard not apply to all colleges, and just not for -profit colleges?  Some BA degrees may not meet the federal standard for lucrative employment,but is this what all BA degrees try to attain?  Where should this gainful employment policy begin and end? So far Obama has not made this clear.

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