Simple Tips on How College Students Get Motivated


 By Oksana Sbitneva

Have you ever sat down surrounded by a bunch of books and stared at them until you fall asleep? You know there’s no time to put off the studying process but you just have neither will nor energy to read at least some words? You feel tired and emotionally exhausted and the material you have to search (and study as well) seems to be a really high mountain to climb? Or, who knows, maybe it’s the weather that puts you in a nostalgic mood and all you want is to get thickly muffled in a rug with a cup of herbal tea? Hopefully these simple ideas will help you to get motivated and get all those tasks done within the deadline.

Set Special Goals…the Realistic Ones!

If you start feeling slightly nervous when the question is about the amount of work you have to get done, make sure to set some realistic goals. Let’s say, you have got 11 000 words to write for your research paper. Divide the task into more manageable parts. Make certain to set an individual deadline for every segment of work. It is highly important to remember that while A+ is awesome, all you’re in need of is a pass! Just accept that one can’t do everything and try to work out what is really possible.

If you feel like this is not going to work out, do not hesitate to get help! Approach your college tutor for some professional learning guidance. What is more, there is always online assistance available for every student! Various Exact Science, Art, rush essays writing services representatives are ready to provide you with a helping hand. And make sure to ask for help sooner rather than later for the reason that there is always a certain deadline assigned with every task you get.

Please Yourself with Little Awards

It’s amazing how positive the effect of gratification can be! If you need to get urgently motivated to study, make sure to set a specific goal and think about the most suitable prize that you will get once the goal is completed. The technique is pretty simple but you will be astonished by its effectiveness! Through rewarding yourself, whenever the set goal is reached, your brain is diving into the positive emotions. This, in turn, makes you realize that a good effort results in a great reward.

Dance Your Inspiration Out

Music is a great way to wake your inspiration and motivation up, as well as bring some positive emotions down the way. If picked wisely, any song get you absolutely motivated to deal with the studying and provide you with the feeling that you can actually do anything.  Of course music is one of the simplest techniques to get motivation. However, you should be careful when choosing the right song. While some people can work listening to some good old ballads, the others prefer AC/DC or Marilyn Manson as the right background tune. Give preference to the songs that you find inspiring and motivating. They will 100% energize your whole body and ensure that impossible is nothing!

Nothing Lasts For Ever…Remember That!

There are many students that are overburden with the school and college tasks and feel like there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. They are about to throw in the towel in regards to the college. If you’re one of them, keep reminding yourself that it won’t last till the end of your days and all you have to do is to keep going.

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Oksana is a  student of English literature department and a freelance journalist. As a current student she is interested in trends in education and she would like to share her experience with community.

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