Sleep Science – How and Why Some Students Sleep Better than Others Do?



There are many factors that influence the quality of one’s sleep, but nonetheless, a night of quality sleep is highly important. There have been multiple studies that show that when the body is sleep deprived, terrible effects may occur. According to the National Institute of Health, almost 70 million Americans suffer from a form or another of sleep disorders. These sleep disorders damage the health of the patient, in the long run, resulting in a series of conditions. Besides, the sufferer’s alertness levels decrease significantly. Some of the conditions associated with poor sleep are diabetes, stroke, depression, heart disease and other conditions with a fatal potential. Below are some of reasons and factors that contribute to sleep quality, according to experts.

The science of sleep

Certain factors influence the quality of our sleep enormously. Some are empirical pieces of evidence, others are proven by science and multiple studies in the field. Below are some of the most important factors that influence the way in which we sleep.

  • Your body;
  • Your sleeping environment;
  • Your mind.

Taking care of all the above coordinates will surely help you improve the quality of your nighttime sleep. Below we will teach you how to improve your sleep with some easy steps and adjustments.

Take care of your body

How you feel influences enormously the quality of your sleep. Many experts say that exercising is one of the simplest ways in which you can improve your sleep. Exercising reduces stress and anxiety and promotes a better mood. However, you should avoid rigorously exercise in the last 3 hours before going to bed. Apparently, people who regularly exercise have higher chances to fall asleep relatively fast. They also report feeling generally better than sedentary people.

The environment matters

If you think that a comfortable mattress and a comfortable pillow won’t make you fall asleep faster, you’re wrong. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and you should treat it like one. Make sure to create the perfect environment for sleep. According to experts, you should set your temperature somewhere between 65- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible when sleeping. And most importantly, invest in high-quality mattresses. Learn how can you get the best mattress for you and your own needs. It might sound funny, but the preferred sleeping position influences enormously what type of mattress you should purchase. Shop for a mattress manufactured from anti-allergenic materials. This will help you sleep better during those hot summer months. Research the local market and see which one of the mattresses available seem to fit your sleeping habits better. Memory foam mattresses seem to be market leaders for consumers worldwide.

Be consistent

When you look forward to improving your sleep patterns, you can always look forward to bringing some consistency into your life. Try to go to sleep at approximately the same hour every day. You should also wake up at the same hour every day, as well.


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